Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Tonight is a Friday night. As I walked back to the house from doing my chores, I looked over towards town. I could see the high school football lights. There must be a home game.

I checked the local paper. Sure enough. Our local team, which had not won a game all year, was playing the #2 team in the state -- a team that had not lost a game and rarely gives up a touchdown.

The last time I had gone to a local game was when my daughter was in high school. I figured why not?

The lights looked a bit brighter when I got close.

The game had already started. The other team already had 10 points and it was only a couple of minutes into the first quarter.

This was the last regular game of the year. The other team is headed for the state play offs. Our local team is not.

It was nice to see so many people at the game. I figured most of them were parents. Sadly the stands were only about half filled.

But still they were there. It was a chilly night. The field was so wet and the temperature was so cold the band did not play. Thus, about 100 sets of parents were not there. I used to be a band parent. If the band did not play, I did not go to the game.

This gentleman was by himself and wearing his coveralls. He was not happy that the local team was losing so badly. Maybe he had a son on the team. I did not ask him.

Looking across the field the other team had a lot of people cheering for them. You will notice this is pretty small time football. This is not the Big 10 or SEC - but I am sure the young men feel like they are playing big time football. And that is good. Why not? It's all relative, right?

Well, at the end of the first quarter the other team was ahead 33-0. In Iowa, if one team gets ahead by 50 points the game is over. This game looked like it would be getting over pretty soon.

Though my time at the game was pretty brief, it was interesting to see the local high school football team play. I wish they could enjoy more success but I was proud that they tried. That's what sports is all about. Or should be.

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Hilary said...

Thanks for the impromptu visit to your local football game. It felt like I was right there alongside you. Next time we should stop for hot chocolate first! ;)

Russell said...

Heh! I actually ordered hot chocolate at the game and saw a man I had not seen in 3 or 4 years. He had moved to Chicago and had just moved back to town.

He went from small town to big city then back to small town. He is working at Iowa State teaching and said he was glad to be back after living in the corporate jungle.


Small City Scenes said...

See who you run into at a local event.

Ah Football--well I went to an all girls chool--way back when--so we did not have football, but the boys did so you know where the girls went. LOL

I wish the team could have won at least one game. So good for morale. I am glad you went though. MB

Jo said...

That looks like a lot of fun, and a great way to spend a Friday night.

I used to love going to the high school basketball games on Friday nights. Port Alberni had the number one team in all of Canada, so we were all big fans.

Dad Stuff said...

We love to go our high school sports. Although, the kids go just for the concession stand, I think.

Dr.John said...

Sometimes I think having a losing team teaches more than a winning team. When I was in Crystal Falls our Football team always won. Football was given far too much importance. Everything in town centered in those games. If they lost in the play offs the town was down on both coach and players. It was weird.