Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rose Parade Musings

To quote Professor Higgins towards the end of My Fair Lady, "Damn, damn, damn, damn!" One of my favorite movie lines.

For the past few weeks I have been dreaming, fantasizing, obsessing over the fact that the Iowa Hawkeyes were on their way to the Rose Bowl.

But much to my horror, Iowa appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. Actually about 75% of the country saw an SI cover featuring the World Series but here in the Midwest the cover showed Iowa -- but a cover is a cover.

According to folklore, if a team is featured on the cover, it will lose it's next game. Yesterday Iowa lost for the first time in 10 games. More than that, the quarterback was injured. That means Iowa will most likely not have a chance against Ohio State next week. If they lose to Ohio State, all chances of going to the Rose Bowl are gone.

What really ticks me off is not so much that Iowa will not play in Pasadena as much as the fact I won't have an excuse to do something I have always wanted to do -- see the Rose Parade. To hell with football, give me the parade!

As a child I remember sitting in front of a console color TV watching the Rose Parade. There was something quite magical about it all. The fact that every float is covered with fresh cut flowers has always amazed me.

I had been playing with the idea of if, if, if, if just maybe Iowa could get to the Rose Bowl then maybe, maybe, maybe I might travel out to California -- to see the parade. To smell the flowers. To experience what, to me, is the eptimae of New Year's Day - the Rose Parade.

I know that Disney World in Florida is beyond incredible. But Disney Land in California is the original. And there is only one California and only one Rose Parade. Everything else is imitation.

I have talked with people who have been to the Rose Parade and I have heard mixed reviews. But for someone who has never been there, well, there is something very special about the Rose Parade. It is more than floats and bands and horses.

Maybe it is because in days gone by the idea of going to California in January was beyond special. Maybe watching the Rose Parade is like looking into the past. Maybe the Rose Parade is just something you can't put into words. It just is.

I don't know. What I do know is that even though a lot of people think watching a bunch of 18 to 21 year old kids play football is as good as it gets, they are wrong. The football game is only an excuse for the parade.

Thanks for stopping by. And just for the record, if Iowa can't be in the Rose Bowl this year, then let it be Boise State!


Hilary said...

I'd never heard that about Sports Illustrated covers featuring the next losing team.. then again, my ears tend to shut down when sports is being discussed. ;)

Why not go to California anyway.. regardless of who wins? Or is it meant to be a show of support for the winning team?

Nicole said...

How lovely to see the Rose Parade in person! I think you should go regardless but I understand how having your team be there would make it more memorable.
I've never heard about the Sports Illustrated cover and the next losing team. Now I am going to have to pay attention.

Russell said...

Thanks Hilary and Nicole for your comments. Oh yes, the SI jinx is pretty well known in the sports world - heh! I suppose to be honest it is silly but it was a hot topic this week in Iowa before the game (which Iowa lost....).

I guess going to the Rose Parade is part of an overall experience involving the game and parade.

Getting tickets, hotel reservations, etc. is a lot easier if you go with a tour -- but I suppose anything is possible if you want to do it.

Small City Scenes said...

We used to be glued to the TV too watching the ROSE PARADE. Why it was better than any football game. Of course when the UW Huskies were contenders we would be rooting for them. A parade is magical and even though we are much closer to California we never got there either. We know about the cover jinx out here too. You write a good story. MB

Snappy Di said...

Well Sports Illustrated needs to knock it off so no one will know who's going. Wonder if a team can opt out of being pictured on SI?

The Blue Ridge Gal

Finding Pam said...

I agree with you about the parade, but as a florist I want to go and work on one of those floats.

It is the best parade around and I hope you get a chance to go someday.

Maureen said...

Go, definitely.

Gaelyn said...

Hope your team wins, but if they don't you could still go to CA for the parade. Which, personally, I'd rather watch on TV like I did as a kid than fight the crowds.

BTW, I like the pink dogs, even on the pale yellow walls. It works for me.

Jo said...

I would be writing a very stern letter to Sports Illustrated, if I were you. :-)

My Dad and I always used to watch the Rose Bowl Parade. The sound of the commentators voices often used to lull me to sleep. *heh* But the Rose Bowl Parade is wonderful.

Marge said...

Before we had TV, I remember being invited over to one of the members of the congregation (dad was the pastor of two small country churches in northeastern Iowa) to watch the parade and game. I remember being glued to the set during the parade, and then opting for running around outside in the snow while the grownups watched the game. The same went for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Grandma's turkey, ham, and lutefisk had to wait until after the parade!

And I think you should go even if Iowa doesn't get to go!

Dr.John said...

I'll have to settle for the parade on TV no matter who wins.