Wednesday, December 9, 2009


As you may have heard (!) Iowa is in the middle of a blizzard today. When I stepped outside, this is what I saw.

Yes, that's the sun in the upper right hand corner. What a picture cannot reveal is the noise of a blizzard. It is deafening.

I had parked my truck in the driveway close to the road - on the other side of where I can normally expect big snow drifts. I had a hard time just seeing the truck as I walked to the barn.

The wind blew so hard last night (and is still blowing) that snow came through the smallest openings in the barn. In all the years I have lived here I have never seen this - at least not to this extent.

Snow accumulated on everything.

Yesterday afternoon I had pushed hay into Cody's door to close off as much of the little openings as I could.

It seemed to help.

I made sure Zeke Cat was fed and had water.

Later today I will need to start working on the drift in my driveway. It looks like this now - in the morning.

It will only be bigger when the wind stops blowing tonight. I think I will get a chance to play with my tractor and snow blower.

Thanks for stopping by.

PS Despite the difficulties of living in the country, I still love it. Yes, really! I enjoy my garden and I enjoy living in a big, open place that is far from neighbors and people. I am not looking in someone's window or hearing sirens or cars all the time. I'll take this lifestyle any time!


Anonymous said...

I remember blizzards like this back in the 60's when I was growing up near Algona, Iowa. The drifts would get as high as the house. Looks like your drifts are working up to that!

Stay warm... Stay safe!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Russell said...

Di -- interesting you grew up in Algona. You have most likely heard of major cities such as Corwith, Wesley, LuVerne, Britt, Humboldt, Goldfield, Renwick, Bancroft -- and mega cities like Fort Dodge and Mason City! I grew up in that area, too. Small world!

Anonymous said...

Lived in Whittemore, went to school in Algona, born in Fort Dodge. Yes, I know most of the towns you mentioned. Great Aunt lived in Goldfield, I partied at the Bancroft Ballroom on week-ends and listened to the rock and roll bands there. My brother raced his car in Humboldt and blew up the engine. Tons of memories in that entire area. Very small world.

Jo said...

These pictures are incredible, Russell. I can only imagine a blizzard like that. I have read about them, but I have never been in one like that.

Zeke certainly looks cozy on that hay. I always say that if I were ever to get another cat, I would name him Riley, because cats always seem to live the "life of Riley".

Stay warm!

Hilary said...

Wow.. you sure got hit hard. We got our first white mess overnight and this morning too.. lots of wind. But now it's raining and everything is a big slushy mess. Cody and Zeke look pretty cozy in that barn.

I get what you're saying about living like you do. Part of me wishes I did. Part of me would miss the close neighbours who are friends. I need to find a happy medium and live half the year in solitude.

Keep safe and warm, Russell.

Finding Pam said...

I have never seen that much snow in my life! I can not imagine how you get around in it and how very cold it must be.

Lovely photos and I liked the one of your outdoor tree.

Zeke and Cody look warm and safe.
Take care and stay warm.

Cedar said...

Be careful out there Russell. Stay safe and warm. Risley

Country Girl said...

Wow, Russell! Oh, my gosh. We only ended up with a lot of rain and very windy conditions. Another tree came down, too. And yes, I love the country as well. Hardships and all.

Marge said...

The view out my window was about the same as you show. Except I did not even take the camera and go out for pictures! We got plowed out about 4:30 this afternoon, but I have no where to go, so it really doesn't matter! I can go to town tomorrow for groceries, after the parking lots are cleared.

I live in a small town of less than 2000, just five miles from the "big" city, 40,000 or so people. But I would rather live many more miles away from the country as you do.

Maureen said...

We got a rainstorm in NYC last night, here's hoping when that weather of yours arrives here, it's rain again as well.

Pop and Ice said...

I'm glad your furry friends were protected during the storm. I wonder what they thought about all the racket?! Our windows were absolutely shaking here in Michigan today, even though we didn't get the snow (it went North of the Detroit area). But it was so windy it made it hard to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your pictures are amazing. I've never experienced anything like that. And I'm assuming your college closes when the weather is that bad. I know you know how to deal with it and I'm so glad your animals are well taken care of. And I sure don't blame you for loving your life in the country. I have houses close to me, but we are all out in the woods here...and I'm no longer bothered by noise either. ("Boom cars" are one of my pet peeves and they are the major reason I wanted to get out of the city.)

Small City Scenes said...

Wow o wow!! Now that is a BLIZZARD. Out here we seldom get snow (although we have had plenty the last 3 years) and our piddling 20 degrees is absolutely nothing compared to what you have. but you know how to manage and have done it before and will do it again. YEP!!

I love the country life too and hopefully will not have to leave here.

Stay safe and stay warm. You may have to bring Cody inside. LOL
Does Bailey like the snow? MB

Karen :-) said...

Wow that looks soooo cold. I'm glad I'm not there. :-) Just shows how different people are. I love living near everything and like warm weather.
Enjoy your winter day! :-)

Nancy said...

Wow! That's a blizzard! So glad to see you horse safe and sound in the barn. When we lived in Minnesota, I always worried about the horses outside in those below-zero temps.

Anonymous said...

I agree Russell...I love the country life matter the hardships it may have,,I will take it any day of the week to being in town ! and I am a widow who lives alone out here with her dog !