Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Tree Thoughts

A few days ago I read a post on Johanna's blog in which she said Christmas should be Christmas.

Well, just for you, Johanna, this post is for you! Here in the United States most people think of this when they hear about the National Christmas Tree.

This is a real tree located south of the White House. It is our National Christmas Tree. This is the tree you see lit in all its glory and the President always throws the switch to turn on the lights. Up until 1973, this was always a large, cut tree. However, beginning in 1973, a real tree was transplanted on the grounds.

This very large tree is surrounded by 50 small evergreens that represent our 50 states. The small trees are decorated and lighted, too.

Many people think of the beautiful tree inside the White House when they think of our national Christmas tree. Since 1961 it has been located in the Blue Room. Here's President and Mrs. Kennedy by the tree.

But guess what? You haven't seen ANYTHING yet! Heh! Take a look at this 1,700 year old tree located in California! This is one of the tallest trees in the world being about 270 feet tall and 40 feet across at the base! It is called the General Grant tree.

And since 1926, THIS has been the official Christmas tree of the United States! We have a bit of a situation, don't we?! The National Christmas Tree located just south of the White House is beautiful and easy for people to see. But this big tree was the first and the original and still most official (if that makes sense) Christmas tree of our country!

Actually, there are various groups that claim to have the National Christmas Tree including Rockefeller Center in New York City. No one really knows for sure, though probably the one by the White House is the most logical choice. Yet when it comes to Christmas trees, the more the .... merrier!

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Jo said...

Aw..... that's WONDERFUL...! I love Christmas trees. We always have a fresh tree for Christmas. Of course, we live in the middle of a forest here, so there are lots of trees. :-)

A few years ago there was a movement here to call Christmas trees "holiday" trees, but I think it fell flat.

A Christmas tree is a Christmas tree...!

Pop and Ice said...

I think Happy Holidays is the wise greeting to use with people in general - unless you are privy to their views or religion, but a Christmas Tree is a Christmas Tree.

Hilary said...

Fun post, Russell. I bough to your Christmas tree expertise. ;) (I was just pining to say that)

Small City Scenes said...

A Christmas tree is the proper way to say it. A holiday tree could have shamrocks on it.