Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lights Debate!

Well, it's that time of year again. Time for the GREAT DEBATE. You know. White lights versus colored lights on Christmas trees!

Seems like the white light crowd is in the majority anymore.

But you have to admit. White lights are elegant. Very classy.

Reminds you of twinkling stars in the sky. Or candles that used to be on trees.

But I confess. I am a colored lights person. When I was a child, my parents put C9 lights on our indoor tree. A C9 light is about 3 inches long and, today, only used on outdoor trees! I will admit, though, I was able to read by the light of the Christmas tree! Good think we didn't burn the house down, though. Those lights get HOT and the tree was usually pretty brittle!

These are the lights I put on my outdoor tree. They are C7 size.

But whichever side of the debate you are on, you have to love this tree -- the tree we made as children on every home made Christmas card!

White lights. Colored lights. No lights. Every Christmas tree is beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope Bailey, my dog, has the tree up when I get home from work today!


Karen :-) said...

I'm a many colored lights person too, though like you said the white looks elegant.
I do remember drawing those Christmas trees!!

Anonymous said...

White lights in our world... although we have a few colored lights on the front porch.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Nicole said...

We have one white lights tree and one colored lights tree. The colored lights tree is the "kids" tree. They (ages 2 & 4) put up origami boxes and cranes and paper garland. No broken ornaments! Unfortunately the dog is taking care of that.

Hilary said...

We have the best of a few worlds. White lights on the tree (not done yet this year) and blue and/or multicoloured outside... and candles in the menorah. ;)

Marge said...

I've done white lights for many years, but when we got a new tree this year hubby opted for colored lights. LED lights to be exact They are pretty, and are much more like the childhood memories. I'm still not convinced however!

Cedar said...

I am a colored light woman myself and if they BLINK, I am out of there!!!!


Small City Scenes said...

That darn dog---oh, I am sure he has the tree up with bone shaped lights. All colors. MB

Jo said...

Well, you know how I feel about colored lights. I love, love, love them.

I have miniature white lights on a trellis outside, and they look very nice on a summer evening, but colored lights are for Christmas trees. :-)

Anonymous said...

So, did Bailey get your tree up?

When I was a child, our family trees always had colored lights. Love 'em!

Finding Pam said...

While I tend to love multi-colored lights, this year we have white lights.

Country Girl said...

We have white lights on what I will call our tree this year. My son loves the colored lights as you do. Probably because that's what he grew up with.