Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Drifts

The snow has stopped falling. The wind has stopped blowing. And the sun has finally come out.

Actually, I took these pictures a couple of days ago. Even though I had used the tractor to clean things out the night before, I had to do a lot the next day. This is what it looked like shortly after I started.

Looking out over the field this is what you see. Pretty flat, heh?! Iowa is open country.

There are 16 tall evergreen trees on the west side of my property. Because of that barrier you get interesting drifts like this.

Here's another picture of the same drifts.

Look at the size of this drift! It is one of the biggest drifts I have ever had.

This drift is on the south side of the house. It was formed because of the wind whipping around the house. I am amazed at how drifts can form even in what appears to be the middle of no where.

Today we are supposed to get temps close to 20. Compared to the below temps of the past several days (weeks?!) this warming trend will be most welcome.

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Anonymous said...

31 and sunny here today... winds have finally given it up *thank goodness* headed for warmer temps near 50 at the end of this coming week.. about time!!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Love all your drifts... we used to get snow like that when I was a kid up in Kossuth County... totally flat land up there and lots of people planted the evergreens because they made good wind barriers.

Leslie: said...

Gorgeous shots! But I wouldn't want to go walking in them there drifts - I'm sure it'd go over the boots and drip down making my feet frigid cold! lol

Hilary said...

Your photos make snow almost appealing. Who knew you had such musical evergreens on your property.. The Drifters. ;)

Maureen said...

Okay, I'll stop complaining about how cold it is here now.

Small City Scenes said...

Oh wow it is so beautiful. I know it is cold and a lot of hard work but it still is beautiful. Look there is a rainbow in the third picture. Neat!!!

Yes you live in flatland. You probably can see forever. My sis used to live on the prairies in Alberta Canada and she said you could see all the way to tomorrow. MB

Jo said...

Those snow drifts are beautiful. I actually miss the snow here in Vancouver.

As I was out walking yesterday, I saw a beautiful peach-colored rosebud.

Goodness, that is flat country where you live...!

Country Girl said...

Well now, Russell. You never fail to amaze. I cannot believe how high that one drift is! And yes, 20 is balmy.

Pauline said...

such snow! here it is frozen solid and not much drifted at all as when the winds finally came, the snow had already been frozen for a week. great photos!