Saturday, January 16, 2010

Zips and Catamounts

When I worked as a lawyer I always wore a suit, tie, white or light blue shirt and leather shoes. Now that I am a college teacher, my attire is a bit more relaxed.

Recently I have taken to wearing sweatshirts over a shirt and tie. I like sweatshirts that are unusual. One of my favorites is one from Akron. Their mascot is called the Zips -- which refers to a kangaroo. I don't believe any other school has a kangaroo for a mascot, at least not in this country.

Here's Zippy at a game. He looks more lovable than fierce. I like friendly mascots.

Just yesterday I received another sweatshirt. This one is from the University of Vermont. Their mascot is a catamount.

Here's their mascot at a hockey game. A catamount is another name for a cougar or mountain lion. But catamount sounds so much better!

The only other school in the country to have a catamount as its mascot is Western Carolina University. This mascot even has a name. His name is Paws.

I am now searching for some more sweatshirts with really unusual mascots.

If you know of some, let me know.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Small City Scenes said...

I remember on the Bill Cosby show Mr. Cosby always wore a sweater with a college logo. It is kind of neat. I bet you look spiffy.

I cannot imagine all the snow you have there. We are experiencing a very mild yet very wet January. It has been in the mid 50s. No sun just gray and rainy.