Sunday, May 9, 2010


Recently I walked through the Lilac Arboretum in Des Moines. The arboretum has been in Des Moines for many years. There are hundreds of lilac bushes spread out over many acres of a huge park.

As you walk through the park you see rows and rows of lilac bushes.

Normally we think of lilacs as being lavender or purple. These looked almost blue.

When you look closely at the blossoms you see they are quite intricate.

These were white and pink.

I liked this bench.

And I used this water fountain.

Here in the Midwest we have HUGE lawns.

But I came to see the lilacs, not the grass.

Thanks for stopping by. I think I need to go out and mow my lawn....


Hilary said...

I love lilacs.. my favourite spring flower. When we bought this house 26 years ago, it was very early spring and I had no idea what kind of plants might appear in the front and back yards. We moved in during the month of May and discovered a gorgeous lilac bush in full bloom in the back yard. I knew for sure then that I had come home. It's still a beauty.. even more so this year. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. I can just about smell them.

Anonymous said...

Just told Hubby last week that I want to plant a lilac bush. They're just so reminiscent of my childhood in Iowa.


Jo said...

As I was walking through Kitsilano yesterday, I saw a house whose yard was filled with lilac trees, and around the front porch was a beautiful wysteria. I had never seen anything so beautiful.

This lilac arboretum looks wonderful.

Marge said...

My childhood home had a huge grove of lilacs. I absolutely adore them. Although in the past few years I seem to sneeze an awfully lot when they are in my house. I'll put up with sneezes though for the loveliest of all spring blooms.

Thanks for sharing!

Country Girl said...

Lilacs are my favorite, Russell. Ours are long gone now but I managed to capture some good photos of them.

By the way, your photos here are wonderful.

Small City Scenes said...

Doesn't every one love Lilacs. I like the one called Sensation, it is purple with white edging.
As for large lawns--I like to say 'the only good thing about a lawn is that it holds the soil down until you plant a garden'.
Lovely views.

Barbara said...

I can imagine all those lilac bushes smelled heavenly!

CatLadyLarew said...

I grew up in Iowa, so these photos from the arboretum bring back memories! We have a huge lilac festival here in Rochester, which begins on Sunday.

A Lady's Life said...

I can almost smell them I love lilacs

Ruth D~ said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I can smell them... I recently went to the Arnold Arboretum in Boston, but the lilacs were just past prime. Still, they smelled GOOD!