Friday, May 28, 2010

Project Mulch

I was looking at a large flower bed by my house and was dismayed to see the sad state of affairs it had fallen into.

Bailey agreed to supervise if I would do the actual work of cleaning up this awful mess.

The first thing to do was to rip off all the old mulch and the underlying weed guard fabric.

Then I dug out all the existing perennials except the peony bush. The flowers I dug out went to a holding area in my garden until I decide where to put them.

Once all the old vegetation and fabric was cleared away, I used my roto tiller to smooth out the ground before laying the weed guard fabric on.

The weed guard fabric is rolled out and cut. Pins that look like large staples are used to keep the fabric in place.

I started putting the red cedar mulch down before the fabric was all laid since you can get to it easier and I wanted to have the mulch keep the fabric down.

It takes a lot of mulch to cover an area this size. My truck holds about 2 cubic yards - which is quite a bit.

When it is done it looks much better than it did!

Sometimes just a little work can make a big difference.

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A Lady's Life said...

Well this looks so nice. You are a good worker. :)

Anonymous said...

A great improvement and how GREAT it looks after all that supervising Bailey had to do. ;-)


L. D. Burgus said...

You have me inspired as I have a couple of areas that need that treatment. I will probably not get to it until August. You did a lot of work there.

Cloudia said...

Whew! I'm beat!

Boat life doesn't seem so labor intensive now :)

Aloha from Hawaii, Friend

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Marge said...

Nothing says Memorial Day to me like a bush of peonies! They are a big favorite of mine, with the beautiful purple iris coming in a close second.

Thanks for sharing your photos. Have a great holiday and drive safely.


Pop and Ice said...

What a huge project! We essentially do the same project to the front of our house, but thankfully it's a much smaller area!

It looks wonderful. Congrats to you and Bailey.

Pauline said...

Will Bailey supervise the flower planting, too? Maybe you can talk him into digging a few holes ;)

Hilary said...

Wow.. that's a lot of work and it sure paid off. It looks great. I'd hire you and Bailey in a heartbeat.

Small City Scenes said...

Wow what an improvement---which of course couldn't have been done with out Bailey's help.

I made the mistake of NOT putting down a weed barrier when I opened up a new area for a garden. I am paying for it now. Lotsa weeds to be pulled. MB

Anonymous said...

Looks like more than a little work! It really looks nice clean and neat. I need to hire you and Bailey. :-)

Teri said...

Humph! Bailey sounds like my nephews...