Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Real Treasure

Today I was driving through a small town in Iowa and came across something that was astounding. There, sitting side by side on a quiet little street were two beautifully preserved Frank Lloyd Wright houses. I was astounded beyond belief.

You can see the local grain elevator is in the background. (You may wish to click on these images to see them larger.)

The house on the corner was incredible. Notice the beautiful roof lines.

The first house even has a three car garage.

The ivy growing up the side of this first house accentuates it character. Notice how immaculate everything is. It is like looking in a magazine.

Though the first house grabs your attention, it is the second house that has even more appeal in its subtle ways.

For example, look at the brick window box with the purple and white petunias on the second level. This did not happen by accident. This was carefully planned.

And in classic Frank Lloyd Wright tradition, the windows are multi paned and identical throughout the entire level of the house.

The windows of the first house were similar but just a bit more intricate.

My guess is that Frank Lloyd Wright probably did not actually design these two houses. However, the archetict who did was definitely a strong believer in the Praire School of design.

These two houses, side by side, are as much Frank Lloyd Wright's design as anything you would see in Oak Park - the famous suburb of Chicago where several of his houses are located.

In all probability, people most likely drive by these two houses every day and not even notice them. But when I saw these I nearly wrecked my car! They are beyond incredible.

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Anonymous said...

Love this style of house with their big, over-sized rooms. I'd love to see the interior... just a little peek inside the door would do.


Jo said...

Katherine says these houses are beeeeuuuutiful. She wants to live in them. Freddie says he imagines how much they would cost to own one -- probably a lot...! He loves the windows and the chimney. Johanna loves the window box next to the chimney, that is made of the same brick as the chimey. Did anyone notice it? It has pansies growing in it, and it looks like part of the chimey. Frank Lloyd Wright had wonderful details like that.

Gorgeous houses!

L. D. Burgus said...

If you ever go to Osceola, there is also one by him. It's a one story that was built by the owner of the dime store in town. I don't know if most of the population know what they have. I am not sure that is in great shape but is is in form beautiful.
You have me guessing as to where you are but I have an idea.

Cloudia said...

You have a great eye...

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Small City Scenes said...

So glad you posted these. I really do like the solid lines of these houses. I also like the idea of built in planters in brick up high. Good thing there is a window from which to water them. And the windows are beautiful. As I said---Classic. MB

Marge said...

Those FLW style homes are beautiful! You don't necessarily think of them as such until you see the details. I think the windows are my favorite part of these homes. And I think I would have stopped and taken pictures too! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

First of all these Prairie Style homes are NOT by Frank Lloyd Wright. Please consult the website: input the name of the city and scan for the correct address to find the name of the architect. There were many Prairie Style architects that tried to copy Wright's vocabulary. Some were more successful than others.

A Lady's Life said...

I am a woman who loves wide corridors and would definitely appreciate the brick flower boxes and even a washer and drier in the kitchen along with a dishwasher and a faucet over the stove.(don't ask for much lol)
Usually older homes have walk in pantries too. I don't know about these particular homes though as I am not into architecture. I just know what I like.
I love clean lines and these look like wonderful houses.When you recognise a work by someone who you appreciate, it's good to say so.I feel that older homes were designed for the people who lived in them and today they are designed for display purposes.
I guess it would be easy to find who built these homes by going to city hall but sometimes it isn't if they didn't keep records. But does it matter? Lets just enjoy them.

Russell said...

Thank you for all your nice and/or useful comments.

Annoymous - I did check the website and found the two houses. I never said these houses were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I said they probably were not Wright houses but, rather, designed by someone who was a believer in his designs.

I agree with A Lady's Life that these are just very nice houses and I enjoyed looking at them.

And, again, thanks to each of you for your comments. They are always appreciated.

A Lady's Life said...

Russell You are welcome :)

Barbara said...

A couple of years ago, some friends and I took the Oak Park tour. That's when I became so acutely aware of Frank Lloyd Wright's creations. He was truly a genius, but a man who lead a very sad life in many ways, I was to learn from reading "Loving Frank."

These two houses are a testimony to the timelessness of Wright's ideas. I love the way everything has a reason and a purpose.

Thanks for the house tour!

willow said...

Love the wonderful lines of FLW. This post was such a treat! Thanks, Russell. A visit to see Falling Water is high on my bucket list.

Deb said...

I really love the windows in both of these houses. Being originally from Chicago, I am familiar with many of Frank Lloyd Wright's designs. Can't say I see anything like this anywhere in Atlanta!