Sunday, August 22, 2010

State Fair

This morning I went to the State Fair. Going early on Sunday morning is a good time - it is still cool and there are not many people around. I have been to the fair so often I knew exactly the few things I wanted to see.

This double Ferris wheel probably had a busy night last night. It looks much grander at night with all its lights.

In the morning light it looks much different. It was always my favorite ride. And it seemed SO BIG when I was a child.

Now days I like the flower garden by the Agricultural Building. This year I noticed a lot of brightly colored chairs as well as other things decorating the garden.

Here's another set. Not sure I like the pink but ...

This monarch butterfly was happy. There were several in this area.

Inside the Ag Building you could see the results of a recent flower show.

A ribbon like this is pretty special.

I liked the window in the background of this image.

Every year the Iowa State Fair features a life size cow made out of butter. This year along with the cow the sculptor did a tribute to Green Eggs and Ham.

Here's a children's play area that looks like a train.

Before the heat got too intense, I was on my way back home. The crowd was already starting to get heavy and it was only 10:00.

I was home by 11:00. The fair is nice but I had seen all I wanted to see before it got hot.

Thanks for stopping by.


Maureen said...

But I like the pink chair!

Jo said...

I love the Ferris Wheel. That is the only ride I really like, and I don't like heights.

The Iowa State Fair looks very much like our Pacific National Exhibition, which started on Saturday, and goes until Labour Day.

Let's go for a ride on the Ferris Wheel. :-)

Small City Scenes said...

Ah THE fair. Been to our State Fair many many times. Mostly as a 4H leader with my kiddos and their horses. But even before that of course I went. So many changes now. My favorites were always the anamil exhibits but it seem everything has gone so commercial now that it seems to be the main focus. But........
All the small towns have their fair which ends in the State fair and all the 4Her's aim is to qualify for State. A pretty exciting time.
Your series is great. MB

L. D. Burgus said...

You took some wonderful shots. We were so crowded that I was discouraged in taking many photos. Your photos are great. I liked the garden area too.

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