Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coffin Corner

On Thursdays I teach classes from 8:00 in the morning through 2:30 in the afternoon -- without a break. Actually, I go from 8:00 to 11:05 and then have 25 minutes to go to another building on campus for a class that goes from 11:30 to 2:30.

The building I go to has an interesting structure in front of it. It is a reddish grid with a fading gold "O" on it.

The golden "O" was the symbol for Golden Circle. This was a grouping of buildings that housed incubator businesses on our campus. The idea was to give small businesses a place to start and then, once they were sort of established, they would go out on their own. I am not sure if that program still exists. In any event, my class is in this building.

Does this sign give you any clue as to the group of students I meet?

Yes -- I teach a funeral law course for students who wish to own and operate funeral homes. It is a very excellent program and students often have bachelor degrees before enrolling in this program. You can see the classroom looks pretty normal.

Until you look this way! Heh!

The first time I stepped into this classroom I was a bit ... taken back. The room is used for a funeral merchandising course.

I sort of wondered why one of the coffins was missing. But I didn't ask.

You get used to it after a while. But every time I step into this classroom, well ...

Sort of makes you appreciate being alive!

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Charlene said...

I have a friend I've known for over 40 years who is a Funeral Director. He's not at all spooky or odd. In fact the funeral directors I've known are fun people.

Russell said...


I totally agree. The students are delightful and the program is most excellent.

I did not mean to indicate anything negative. I was just trying to point out it is a bit disconcerting to walk into a room with several coffins in it! Heh!

But, no, I did not mean to imply anything negative about funeral home directors or the industry.


Charlene said...

That's cool!

I wasn't chastising your reaction. I was recounting my experience.

Yes, it's all about me!


Maureen said...

Love how big the sky is there, my views on the Cape will be the same way.

Hilary said...

Oh yes, that would be a bit odd for sure. I'm curious to know just how many students actually want to know how to run a funeral home. I wouldn't think it would be a very packed classroom.

As for the missing casket. It slipped out through the window overnight for a joyride. When it turned into town, it hit a steep hill and picked up momentum, speeding toward the pharmacy. As it sailed through the front door, down the aisle and headed for the back door, the store manager turned to the pharmacist and asked "Can't you
suggest anything to stop this coffin?" ;)

One of my Dad's favourite punchlines from way back when.

Jo said...

Omigosh, Russell...! You say you don't have an interesting life? You have the most interesting life of anyone I know...! :-)

Small City Scenes said...

Interesting is right.

To view more potato stuff go here:

Thanks for your comments. MB

A Lady's Life said...

Well I guess this is as sure a business to be in as becoming a dentist.
I always wondered what they had to do to become funeral directors Now I know.

They did a marvelous job for my Mom
when she passed away. I needed a lot of support.