Monday, December 20, 2010

I Saw Three Ships

A few people were taken back by my tongue in cheek post a couple of days ago. So let me set the record straight. First, I really do have a co-worker who believes Jesus is his buddy and plays Mormon Tabernacle Choir music over his computer. I think Jesus and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir are both great. But I don't think either needs to be pushed into my face at my place of work.

Secondly, and more important, Christmas is a beautiful holiday. It is too beautiful to have been turned into a commercial free for all where such a high priority is placed on materialistic things.

Third, when I think of Christmas music I think of songs like I Saw Three Ships being song by an incredible choir. I like to think of hearing this music in person or watching it on TV in my home.

I love the choir to have a beautiful orchestra backing it up.

Every year many colleges have Christmas programs. One of the very best is put on by Luther College of Decorah, Iowa.

Listening to these combined groups you feel like you are hearing the angels singing from heaven itself.

Of course, a real pipe organ is used. There is no substitute for a pipe organ.

And bells. Real handbells.

Take a few moments to listen to one of the true Christmas classics performed as it should be -- strong, big, powerful and truly angelic. This was aired over Iowa Public TV in December, 2008. (You will note there is an announcement that all digital TV will begin in 57 days!) Luther College is very well known for having one of the very best music programs in the country.


Jo said...

Russell, I think everyone understood your post yesterday was tongue-in-cheek. :-)

There is so much sensitivity about Christmas these days... There is too much, not enough, etc. I was at a Christmas party the other day .. oops .. I mean Holiday party, and Santa came in carrying a Happy Hannakah sign, but we were not permitted to say Merry Christmas.

I love Christmas -- the fun part, and the serious, lovely Christmas music as well. My favourite is "Once in Royal David's City". It's spectacularly beautiful done by the King's College Cambridge Choir.

I also love "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"...

It's all good. :-)


Small City Scenes said...

Excellent Russell, excellent.

Last Christmas a friend and I went to a music concert at Skagit Valley College and while not as huge as this was very very good. the same joy and exuberance.

Thank you. MB

L. D. Burgus said...

Your photos are fantastic and the sounds too. I really like that backdrop at Luther. I enjoy seeing and hearing them on PBS every year. Keep warm my friend.

Russell said...

Thank you, L.D., but the photos were taken off Google Images. I did not take them.

I have always like Luther College a great deal. My daughter went to Drake which is a most excellent college - but if it had not been Drake I would have wanted her to go to Luther. It is a pretty special place.

Take care.

A Lady's Life said...

I love Christmas and why change a holiday to something it isn't ?

It is about the birth of Jesus. Who he was, did he exist, is not important any more that asking a child is he believes in Santa Claus.
It is a time when you rejoice in the spirit of sharing and giving and rebirth. It is a time to remind one about man's humanity to man.Children and especially babies are by far, the most innocent and wonderful thing ever to be created.
Every one knows how we feel about them. So rejoice, be merry and love the world this special day.