Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Once upon a time TVs looked like this.

When color TVs came out, we thought it was really special.

Today we are seeing 3D TVs.

You need special glasses to see the 3D. TVs are getting bigger and flatter and faster and ... bigger.

It seems like most people have cable or satellite TV these days. You can get over 100 channels.

But today I disconnected my satellite TV. I went from multiple sports, news, movie and other channels to broadcast TV. I now have five stations: ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and Fox. I also have two other stations that seem to show reruns.

So now I am doing things like reading. As in books. That you can hold in your hands and turn the pages. As in what this person is doing.

Okay. It's a bit cold here to be reading outside by a river. But I can read books and newspapers and enjoy the quiet. It is sort of like the fantasy I have always had of living in a remote cabin with no phones, no TV, no computer, no anything but quiet and nature.

Everything is good in moderation. TV is nice and I will get reconnected in the future. But for now the solitude is refreshing.

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A Lady's Life said...

Oh don't I know what you mean.
If it wasn't for the news and CNN and those special games and stuff I too think nothing is better than a good book and a warm crackling fireplace with an good view of a lake or a snowy field.
Sometimes you need to un pollute your brain because it is so used to noise, it can't support the quiet.
But here if we don't have satellite or cable, we get nothing.


Anonymous said...

You may have just inspired me to call my cable company today.
My boyfriend bought me a e-reader for my birthday and I love it.
Thanks for the inspiration.

A Lady's Life said...

My cousin is a ferocious Black Hawk Fan.
and lately they have not been doing so well so I teased her the way she teases me about the Cunucks.
Now I don't hear from her lol

Hockey Fans sure take their teams seriously.

Charlene said...

I went without cable TV beyond the basic for 5 years. I survived. I may do it again. I would miss MSNBC and HBO if I did again.

Hilary said...

Enjoy the quiet, Gilligan. ;)

Ruth D~ said...

Back to the basics. Less rah rah hype. Sounds good to me, and you save money to boot.

BTW, I've meant to reply to your post on my blog. By all means, feel free to use my post. I'd be honored.

Jo said...

Well, I couldn't live without my TV, video on demand, phones, computer, (although I don't have a cell phone...). I do, however, love to keep them all turned off most of the time.

I love that picture of the cabin. It looks just like a cabin at Sproat Lake on Vancouver Island. I can almost see the fish jumping. :-)

Pauline said...

I remember that old black and white TV! We got one when I was 12 - the last family on the street to get a set.

My small, circa 1990s TV and my radio are hardly ever on and I'd much rather be out of doors than in. When my kids were small and we were homesteading we did without electricity for years- lights that turned on with a wall switch and not a match were a huge novelty to my youngest.

I imagine when I retire, so will the TV. i won't miss it.