Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Last fall I moved from my acreage to town. Where I live now is very nice. Very suburban. Very much a bedroom community for a larger town.

When I left the country I sold off my John Deere tractor, my large riding mower, all the usual things you have around an acreage. But I did keep my truck.

I figured I just might need that four wheel drive during the winter. Or if I had a need to haul something. Or pull a trailer. Or .... something ... anything ... you can't do with a car.

There it was. Like a lonely sentinel on watch. Ready to go to work. Waiting for the call.

I remember the day I managed to get BOTH the car AND the truck in my garage. I had never really tried since I just assumed they would not both fit. Of course I was wrong.

It was a tight fit but I got both the over-sized truck and the car in the garage.

But this winter was mild. Never was a need for four wheel drive. Barely used the snow blower. And now spring has arrived. And then the phone rang.

It was a married couple with a 9-year old girl. They are living on an acreage and had seen my "Truck for Sale" poster last fall. Wanted to know if I still had the truck.

"Well, yes ...." And would I sell it?? "Well, uh ...."

"You know, we want to buy a horse trailer so we can take our daughter to some horse shows but we need a bigger truck. The guy at the feed store told us you might still have that truck and ...."

So I met this couple and their child and saw their horse and I was suddenly whisked back many years when my own daughter was young and wanting to go to some horse shows and ...

So now the truck is gone. But I am happy since it is back in the country again where any big truck belongs. It is no longer in town or in some little garage. It is going to go back to work again.

And that makes me happy. I suppose I have become citified. But the truck will not suffer that same fate.

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Jo said...

Aw... the truck is going to go to a good home. And it will feel right at home too, with a little girl to ferry around. It's doing what it should be doing. :-)

A Lady's Life said...

Ah so sad. You moved to the city. lol
My parents moved to the country thinking that would be a great place to retire and then they moved back to the city to be near the hospital.
Doesn't make sense. They were better off in the country. More nice things to do there.

Small City Scenes said...

Yep! You did the right thing. Especially since all the memories made you smile and you know the truck is happy----as are you. MB

Country Girl said...

I enjoyed this story, Russell. Didn't know you moved from your acreage. Change is the only real constant, isn't it?