Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Confessions of a Non-Texter

I got to work this morning and, as I always do, parked in the same parking space. I noticed a car was parked in front of me. It was running and had its lights on. There was a young woman in the car and she was texting.

At least she waited until her car was stopped. I hope. I see waaaay too much of this.

I wondered what could be so important she felt compelled to be dashing off a message with her thumbs - which always reminds me of someone using Morse code - before she could even shut her car off. Of course she was completely oblivious to my presence or anything else around her.

Maybe that is my biggest objection to texting. People seem to get so caught up in it they are totally unconscious of their surroundings.

I like this poster. A lot. And, yes, I have seen this - and I am sure you have, too - where people are sitting together and both of them are staring into their phones and/or pecking away with their thumbs.

But I have a confession to make. I do not text. I have sent a grand total of less than 10 text messages in my entire life. And each of them was a major hassle as far as I was concerned. Yes, yes, yes. I know all the arguments why texting is so terrific. And I am sure I will start to do it one of these days - at least a little bit. But at this time I .... just ... don't ... do ... it.

Keep in mind I am old fashioned. I don't do this.

And I just can't get excited about this.

And I don't own one of these. However I have thought about getting one as they do seem rather fun and useful.

I don't even own one of these things.

But I am always happy to talk to people on one of these (assuming I have not shut it off or am not in the mood or am doing something else).

I enjoy listening to these a great deal.

Of course if I am in my car, well, you can't play a vinyl record so the only option is to play one of these.

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A Lady's Life said...

yes me too lol
We were not slaves to technology. We depended on ourselves on letters and mail. We had more friends in our community.
Today computers are taking over everything. Man will have nothing to do anymore.

Leslie: said...

I totally agree (although I am on FB). At lunch with my daughter today, she was pecking away with her thumbs and I commented on how I used to teach typing and how one used to use all 10 fingers. A typing class now would only need you to have 2 thumbs! Ah...progress! (can you hear my sarcasm?)

Hilary said...

I've only had a cell phone since January.. never before that. I can't say that I hate texting. It keeps me in contact with my son, his girlfriend (who hates talking on the phone) and Frank.. who also hates talkig on the phone. Plus we play Words With Friends (like Scrabble) when we have a spare moment. The game goes back and forth for as long as need be.

As for folks out in public, texting furiously. Better that than hearing every loud word of their conversation.

Texting while driving.. a no-no at any time.

Country Girl said...

I don't twitter, and I don't have FB (but my dog does!) I will say that I do text. I often use it to get substitutes for teachers who are out sick. And the teachers will text me to ask for a sub rather than calling, which is fine with me. The best thing is that it's one way I can keep in touch with my one son. Oh, and I own an iPad too but rarely ever use it. I don't know how to work the iPod, however!

Steve Gravano said...

Do you really have an eight track player in your car? I haven't seen one of them in ... thirty years or so.

Jo said...

I'm afraid I'm a real Luddite. I don't own a cell phone, I have never texted and I don't Twitter. I have been thinking of getting a cell phone, however, but I tend to have an addictive personality, so I might find myself getting hooked. I really love computers, though, and I am a bit of a whiz (if I do say so myself).

And yes, vinyl records have the best sound, and all the teenagers have gone back to vinyl now. Strange, hey?

Russell said...


I drive a newer Nissan Altima car. Of course it has an 8 track player in it. Don't all cars have them these days?

Seriously, I was just being a bit silly. I DO have a turntable and listen to vinyl records every so often. But, no, I do not have an 8 track player and my land phone does not look like the green one in this blog post.

I have a cell phone but have actually sent less than 10 texts in my life.

Take care.

Small City Scenes said...

Hahahaaa!! Funny post. I do text but I don't have or belong to any of the other things you mention.
I was at a High School Rodeo my grand daughter was riding in. A young girl was in the warm up ring riding her horse and texting. I took the picture and posted it titled 'Modern Day Cowgirl'. It's true.