Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Tulips

This morning I drove to a small town in Iowa that celebrates a tulip festival every May. Because the weather has been so warm this spring, the tulpis are blooming now.

The large displays of tulips are quite beautiful. However, what I really like is seeing individuals flowers close up.

This little tulip was showing off his color in a sea of white flowers.

Orange is one of my favorite colours.

These two tulips seemed to be posoing for my camera. Even with the light rain they seemed happy.

These red and white tulips looked nice.

So did these.

I liked these.

I noticed these red tulips had an interesting ruffled edge to them.

These pink tulips and small purple flowers made a nice image.

Here is a statute of a woman and two children dressed in traditional Dutch attire.

The boy is handing his mother some tulips. Notice the wooden shoes they are wearing.

I liked the detail of the tulips in the basket.

It was time to go home. I noticed many of the windows in this town have lace curtains. The curtains go well with the vintage houses and buildings.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter to you.


Jeannelle said...


Pauline said...

Tulips are such pretty flowers! Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter to you!

Hilary said...

I love tulips. The sweet pink amid the white blooms is just lovely as are the soft pink with a background of grape hyacinths. Fine images, Russell. The dewy moister makes them perfect.

Anonymous said...

Why, as an American, would you spell color as colour?

Russell said...

To Anonymous:

Perhaps for the same reason I spell flavour as flavour? Is that a problem?

Also, how do you know I am an American? Perhaps I am .... something else.

You seem to be making assumptions and that can be dangerous at times.

Jo said...

Well, in my neighbourhood, we have lots of beautiful, colourful tulips. I sometimes watch the gardeners as they as they labour at their work. It is an honourable job.

Tulips are my favourite flowers. There are a lot of beautiful tulips planted around the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.


Russell said...

Thanks Johanna! Heh!

We better not pick on poor Annoyimous ... uh, I mean, Anonymous any moure!!

Jo said...

Well, maybe anonymous doesn't know you are an honourary Canadian. :-)

A Lady's Life said...

These are fabulous photos. I love it when they mix statues from life with flowers like that

Anonymous said...

website may possibly be the fresh pink coloured