Monday, June 18, 2012

Karla Bonoff

In 1977 I went to Iowa City to see Jackson Browne in concert. He had released a new album featuring Running on Empty and I was excited to see this concert.

I have long been a Jackson Browne fan. If I could have ever been a singer in those days I would have opted to be Jackson Browne.

Of course before the big name performed we listened to a warm up act. A woman named Karla Bonoff walked on stage. She was not pretenious and did not have a big group with her. She played the piano and guitar. I had never heard of her.

But the moment she started to sing .... it was magic.

I learned it was Karla Bonoff who wrote most of the popular songs for Linda Ronstadt. Her voice was a combination of Linda Ronstadt and Carole King. For the only time in my life, the warm up act was far superior to the main attraction.

Sometimes in life you never know when something really special is going to happen. That night in the old Fieldhouse in Iowa City was a night I will never forget. Jackson Browne was incredible - but Karla Bonoff was better.

Here is Karla Bonoff singing a song she wrote. If you listen to this you will hear a voice that is mesmorizing.


cloudia charters said...

Yes! All that! Thanks for reminding me to listen to some Bonoff-

Have a GREAT Week

Aloha from Waikiki,
Comfort Spiral
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Small City Scenes said...

Haven't heard of her but she has an incredible voice. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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