Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ice Storm Sunday

This winter has been fairly mild for us here in the Midwest.  We have had a few bouts of bad weather but it has not been too bad.  We had one heavy snowstorm but it all melted away within a few weeks.

This weekend we have been warned about an ice storm.  We started seeing this on TV recently.

Iowa was pretty much covered with that red "icy mix" part. 

On the interstate we saw signs like this.

So it was no surprise when we woke up this morning to warnings to stay off the roads and that there were countless accidents involving those people who did try to brave the bad conditions.

I have stayed inside this morning but I am sure there are many scenes out there that look like this.

I am hearing that by later this afternoon the temperature will be high enough to melt the ice and things will be okay again.

For me, mornings like this are a good excuse to stay home, enjoy a good book and just have some quiet time.  I have always felt that there are times when the best sound is the sound of silence.

Wait a moment .... that could be the name of a great song!  Hmmm ....


Marge said...

It's nasty up here in Minnesota, too. It was raining hard just a few minutes ago, and with the temps right at 30, it is obviously freezing into a skating rink. I am making soup and working on a quilting project. It's a good day to hibernate. Stay safe.

Leslie: said...

Enjoy your day, Russell, and wait until you hear the sound of the ice melting. Here, it's the sound of raindrops -