Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Changing Times

I watched the Super Bowl this past weekend.  It was a very good game. Lots of drama and excitement.

When the lights went out in the third quarter that got my attention. For 34 minutes the game was on hold while we all waited for the lights to come back on. Actually only half the lights went out and that created sort of a eerie effect.

Since the lights went out so early into the third quarter, some people wondered if the halftime show with all the lights, etc. may have been the cause. Officials said there was no correlation between Beyonce's striptease performance and the lights going out.

Seriously, her half time show was very good and very involved.  I confess I am old and just did not find it as exciting as perhaps a lot of younger people did.  Having an interest in photography, I found myself more interested in the various lights and lighting than the performers.

I just recently commented on Petula Clark in last week's blog post.  Looking through YouTube I noticed a routine she did about 50 years ago.  My guess is that some people may have watched their TV sets in the mid 1960s, saw the dancers in the Petula Clark routine and thought THEY were a bit over the top.  I suppose everything is relative.

Here is that video if you have a couple of minutes.  Keep in mind in the mid 1960s color TV was a novelty and shows did not have multiple cameras like they do today.  The technology we have in our cell phone is many times more advanced than what they had for TV production in those days.  Your cell phone is many times more advanced than what NASA had for the first moon landing!


Jo said...

I must admit, I'm not a Beyonce fan, nor am I a Super Bowl fan. It came on right at the same time as Downton Abbey, and that suited me just fine.

I somehow get the feeling Beyonce's performance would be frowned upon by the Dowager Countess. She would comment on her clothes -- or lack thereof -- however. When Ethyl (the ex-prostitute) was serving them luncheon, the Countess was heard to say, "I suppose she has a costume for every occasion". I think Beyonce probably does too. :-)

Leslie: said...

We watched it and when it was over Lorne commented that it was pretty awful. At least the dancers with Petula Clark were clothed, which I can't really say for Beyonce! Of course, I'm not much of a fan of her music let alone her costumes or lack thereof. lol

Hilary said...

A Sign of the Times.. that was one of my favourites. Thanks for the flashbacks. :)