Sunday, February 10, 2013

Walk in the Park

Today I drove into downtown Des Moines to see what I could find. 

These three colourful figures caught my attention. Such bright colour on a cloudy day was refreshing to see. I decided to take a walk through the sculpture park.

If you are afraid of spiders, this might not be your favourite piece.  More than the spider, I liked the image of the white smoke coming out of the chimney in the background. It really stands out against the dark sky.

These two apparent snowmen could have used more snow. I think the fact they do not have faces is supposed to be significant but I don't recall how. They are very large - larger than they appear.

I like this rabbit doing some deep thinking. I felt like I was in Alice in Wonderland.

Here's an interesting piece.  It has a story behind it but it is rather long and involved.  Again, I found myself noticing the building in the background as much as the work of art.

Here is one of the first pieces that appeared in the sculpture park. 

If you look are this figure closely you notice he is made up of letters.

I saw a great many other pieces but this post is getting long.  I did snap a fast picture of the gold capitol dome that was shining in the sunlight far down the road.  You can't really see the dome very well but you can see the street.  I rather liked this.  We have temperatures in the 40s today and the snow is melting. 

Thanks for stopping by.


Jo said...

These photos are wonderful. I love, love, love the rabbit. He's brilliant.

I'm going to take a walk tomorrow and see what sculptures I can find in Vancouver. Nothing like these, I'll bet!

Leslie: said...

Fascinating! I'd be snapping pics madly if I were there. Love Love Love the spider - I'm the one who always saved my girls from these creepers! I've been meaning to tell you that Ames always comes up in the crossword puzzles now and I always know the answer - thanks to you! Thanks,

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