Saturday, March 23, 2013

Flying Saucers

Last night I heard a radio show where a man was discussing UFOs - unidentified flying objects. Things like alien spaceships.

I confess.  The idea of seeing a flying saucer land in some open field on a summer night is rather intriguing.  Unfortunately, I have never seen one and most likely never will.

I find it beyond amazing that so many people believe in such things.  There is a popular syndicated radio show called Coast to Coast AM.

Every night guests come on to discuss all sorts of strange and interesting phenomena.  What is surprising to me is that people actually believe in major governmental conspiracies designed to prevent us from learning about such things as alien invasions.

The most popular incident of alleged government coverup is the Roswell, New Mexico, recovery of an alien spacecraft in 1947.  The term "RAAF" in the photo below refers to Roswell Army Air Base.

Within a day after this story appeared in the local paper, officials at the military base stated the debris recovered was actually a weather balloon.  Still, stories of captured aliens and so forth became rampant.

Most people, including some pretty serious government investigations, do not believe the Roswell incident involved a spaceship or aliens.  However, the incident has made the town famous.

Today you can visit a museum in Roswell that advances the study of UFOs.

The City of Roswell has about 50,000 people and has adopted the logo shown below.  I think this has to be the most interesting logo in the country.  Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!

In fairness to Roswell, I visited its website today and find it a most interesting city.  I have never been there but it appears they must be the center of a lot of dairy farms.  You will notice in the above logo a dairy cow in the lower right hand corner.

They have a really nice courthouse.  You don't see many local courthouses with such a grand dome as this one.

But my favourite image I came across was this one of their Wal-Mart store.

Whether or not a spaceship actually did land in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 may be in dispute.  But what is not disputed is that the city has done a great job of using that event as a great marketing tool!


Leslie: said...

Wal Mart rules! lol

A Lady's Life said...

And why not.
It's jobs.
but I do believe technology is always ahead.
I mean, Disneyland had holograms way before we knew about them.
People get things, after technology moves further ahead and they don't need it anymore.
So we may have aliens but not the kind we are thinking about.
We may have space ships and we will learn about them maybe after they develop travel at the molecular level where we truly can be beamed up. lol
Who is to say? In the mean time man needs entertainment and dreams to make the impossible, possible.

brattcat said...

thank you for your very kind comment. what an interesting blog you have here.

Small City Scenes said...

Maybe maybe not. I would imagine if there were travelers from outer space they would not look like our preconceived ideas. By dang, they may look like us. hahaha!!! I don't know if there is life out there but it keeps the media and some scientists busy for the time being. Good post. MB

city said...

thanks for share........