Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Birds, Birds, Birds

This morning I went out towards a wooded area near where I live.  I wanted to see some birds.  I saw this blue jay at a feeder.

But he flew away.

Then a downy woodpecker flew over but he seemed more interested in the bottom part of the feeder.  Wonder why?  It is just .... wood.

I looked up and saw a goldfinch.  This is Iowa's state bird.

Suddenly a rose breasted grosbeak flew in.  These birds do not like company and the others left - in a hurry.  Notice the beak on this bird!

They are a very attractive bird but certainly have a "leave me alone!" look about them.

This red wing blackbird stopped by - but only after the grosbeak was gone.

Up in a tree I saw a traditional red headed woodpecker. 

Finally this little guy was around to clean up anything the birds might have knocked to the ground.

I saw these birds, the squirrel and more in less than 30 minutes.  Mother Nature is quite amazing but you have to be willing to stop and look. 


A Lady's Life said...

My son won't let me feed birds but my blue jays were asking so yesterday I threw them bread and today it's all gone and they seem quiet.
So are the crows. There was a falcon flying over head and no crows to chase him away. Yesterday there were 10 crows around one falcon.
Last night a skunk came around too . I think this is the third time I smell him
My husband went to check it out and I thought he doesn't want to find out lol Otherwise he might end up sleeping outside with the skunk lol

Marge said...

I've been waiting for our grosbeaks to return. And the goldfinches too. Haven't seen them yet. I love the song of the red wing blackbirds. Finally we have spring!

Small City Scenes said...

Lovely birds. We don't have your type of Blue Jay out here. We have Stellar Jays which we all call blue Jays. I posted about them last wednesday. I love the Goldfinch and guess what! They are Washington's state bird also. What a coincident.
We have a Black headed grosbeak which is black,rusty color and white. Real Pretty but not like yours. We got the rest though.
My camera is basically a point and shoot Nikon. No special lens or anything else. Just a steady hand. Also I took my Hummer pics through the kitchen window---I'd better not break my arm while patting myself on my back. haha!!!
I appreciate your comments. MB

Small City Scenes said...

Oops, the Blue Jay was on April 24th. MB

Linda said...

Wonderful! Beautiful to see nature!

Hilary said...

I'm always thrilled to see what kind of birds will come around each season. Your woodpecker was probably finding some bugs in the wood of the feeder.