Saturday, July 13, 2013

South Dakota Badlands

In western South Dakota is a large area called the Badlands.  In fact, it is a national park.

This is a very interesting area and its beauty and mystery does not translate at all in the below photographs.

After driving for hours in South Dakota and seeing nothing but open country, you notice what looks like a very hilly or bumpy region in the distance.  As you get closer it starts to come into focus.

As you actually drive through the park itself you are amazed at what you see.  You wonder how such formations were created.  It is truly an area like no other place on earth.

This region consists of thousands of acres.  A road goes through a portion of it.

There are places where you look down into the open earth rather than up at large, sandy hills.

One thing you notice is the largeness of this region.  You can see for many miles into the distance and you can appreciate why the Sioux Indians believed this land was and is sacred.

Mother Nature is truly a wonderful artist and this is some of her most special work.

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Marge said...

Oh what a beautiful day you had for your drive through the Badlands! The sky was a perfect blue to contrast with the blah sand colors of the unique formations, and then to capture the sunflowers in front of the whole scene makes for some great photos! Thanks for sharing! We love that part of our great land.

Small City Scenes said...

Quite beautiful. Mother Nature is amazing. You can see the different geological eras in the out croppings. It's great to read the history and learn about the geography of that area. The Sioux knew what they were talking about. I am glad it was set aside as a National Park.

Hilary said...

This is a wonderful area. You've taken some amazing photos, Russell. I have indeed heard of the Badlands but had no idea this was how they look.

Essie said...

Hi Russ,

I haven't commented or stopped by in a while. I've been busy with grad school!

I love the pictures! Looks like you are having a wonderful trip!