Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Corn Cat

Yesterday morning, very early, I saw a new cat. He was on the side of the road and I spotted him as I was taking my morning walk. As soon as I saw him he (or she) jumped into the safety of the tall grass.

It was a gray tabby cat. It looked something like this. (Of course all the images on this post are stock photos or images -- I was way too far away to get a picture of this mystery cat!)

I figured, well, probably a tom cat. I see them passing through every so often. But for some reason this cat seemed different. Maybe a bit more shy. A little thinner. I had a feeling this cat needs a home. Or at least a good meal.

Since I live quite a ways from town and my place is surrounded by open fields, I really don't get a lot of stray animals. They usually stay closer to wooded areas and streams.

Then this afternoon I was out digging potatoes and I saw this little cat again. This time he was in the corn field and peeking his head out at me.

Right then and there he (or she) had a name: Cornelius. The Corn Cat. Corney. I was thinking how "forlorn" this little cat looked in the corn and, well...

So early this evening I made sure a fresh bowl of water was in the barn and I set out a bowl of cat food on the side of the field where I saw him. If Cornelius is around, I have a feeling he will find it. Cats are like that.

I am not sure if Cornelius will come in or not. Sometimes cats just keep going. Sort of like people. But perhaps he will decide to adopt me and Bailey - even if for just a while.

We'll see. Thanks for stopping by.

PS And thanks to Johanna and all of you for wishing me a happy birthday! I don't usually say much about it but it was sure nice to hear from you.

If you get a chance, wish Carla from Tennessee Happy Birthday, too! And ask her to come back to our blogging world!! Take care.


Country Girl said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Russell! Hope it was a good one.
Cute name for your new cat, too. And I have a feeling it will be your new cat. Sweet photos in this post.

Leslie: said...

Well, of COURSE his name is CORNelius! Maybe Bailey is going to have a new playmate around to either amuse him or taunt him. lol

Jo said...

Aw... I hope Cornelius adopts you. I have a feeling he can sense your kindness. Animals have a very strong sixth sense about that.

Maybe Mr. Bailey can make him a dinner of creme de menthe dog food, that tastes like chicken, and they'll be great pals. :-)

Snappy Di said...

Happy Birthday to yoooooo..... belated but still, it's the thought that counts, right? AND, good luck with Corny. He's beautiful!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Carla said...

Awww...Jo is right about that sixth sense. I hope this kitty will stay with you and Bailey. And I think Cornelius is the perfect name.

Gosh Russell, thanks for mentioning me. I will be back. And thanks for being kind to animals!

Small City Scenes said...

I certaintly hope corney sticks around. Poor kitty.


Finding Pam said...

This is such a sweet post about your new friend, Cornelius the corn cat. I hope your friend comes to live with you and Bailey.

It may take him a while, but it sounds like he has been watching you. He knows you are a animal lover.

Thanks for caring about the strays and how nice to have a barn to live in. Life is going to be good for Cornelius.

Hilary said...

Corny, has a very good person looking out for him. I suspect he'll clue into that before too long. :)

Dr.John said...

Sorry I missed your birthday.
I hope the cat decides to stay.