Sunday, September 20, 2009

Garden Center

Yesterday was a pleasant Saturday morning. I drove towards Des Moines to take a walking tour of historic homes. However, I ended up pulling into a landscaping company. I was attracted to the place because of this fountain.

I felt like I was in an Italian piazza. I sat down and just listened to the water as it cascaded over the large bowls.

Walking through the grounds I noticed several little accent pieces among the flowers. I liked these little silver bells. They actually sound like a wind chime and made a very soft sound.

This chair reminded me of days gone by.

When I saw this green door I thought of an 1972 movie called Behind the Green Door. I figured the owners probably did not have THAT in mind when they set this out. Sometimes my mind is a bit twisted. I know it is just a whimsical decoration.

Though this is a new building, it was intended to look like an old farm house. I liked that.

Again I heard the sound of water. I thought how nice that would be in my yard. Then I thought about the cost and the work and .... yes, such beautiful grounds take a lot of work. But they sure are nice.

I liked this area a lot. The stone blocks make wonderful places to sit. I seemed to find myself sitting a lot.

Inside I saw this little guy. I could almost hear the music he was playing. I think the clerk thought I was a bit off for taking a picture of this but she was polite. She was probably told it is best to leave "such people" alone...! Heh!

I am sure they carved this beautiful maple leaf just for my Canadian friends! What? It's an OAK leaf? Well, close enough...!!

Oh yes... there's the acorn!

Well, thanks for stopping by. Please know I DO stop by your blogs and enjoy them a great deal. I am not the best one to leave comments but I enjoy seeing your world.

Take care.


Small City Scenes said...

What a grand Garden Center. I too love the silver bells. I would like them in the new garden I am making. That does give me an idea.

Did you ever get to the walking tour of historic homes? MB

Snappy Di said...

I remember the movie! Yowzer.... and I recall that I had no clue what it was about until I watched it... what a shock for an 18 year old from a small Iowa town.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Maureen said...

Love seeing Iowa, so nice to be out of NYC.

Jo said...

That looks wonderful...! I know you have a birthday coming up. You have to go back and buy that little musician fellow. It's you...! Perhaps if a person were to know the name of the garden center, they could buy it for you. :-)

Hilary said...

What a fun place to wander about and shoot photos.. even if the clerks look at you funny. :) I love the bells. the chair and the green door. And I think you should have purchased that whimsical musician .. it spoke to you.. and played music for you. I think he belongs with you.

AprilinRI said...

The acorn and leaf carvings are so unique. Thanks for the tour.

Happy Birthday from someone who has lurked on your blog for about a year. I hope you have a wonderful new year.

Finding Pam said...

You always find the most interesting side tours of anyone I have seen. Iowa is very beautiful and I enjoyed the tour of the H & G center.

I am all caught up on your blog now. The corn is spectacular. Bailey seems to enjoy himself in evey photo. I did not know the flowers were called compass flowers. We have them in Texas, just didn't know the name. Thanks for the nice post.

Leslie: said...

Heard it's your birthday today, so wanted to wish you a Happy One! When are you taking that long anticipated trip to here?

larkspur said...

Happy Birthday, Mister!