Saturday, November 21, 2009

Images of a Day

Yesterday was a foggy day. As I drove to work the fog would go from near zero visibility to up to half a mile.

When you can't see the familiar trees or landscape everything becomes a bit disconcerting.

But you just keep going hoping the fog will lift or at least let up a bit.

When I got home the moisture in the air was still present. It was like living inside a cloud. You can see how the sun looks in late afternoon.

Focusing in a little closer the sky began to look red.

As I zoomed in a bit more I began to notice the sharp contrast between the fire in the sky and the soil below.

Zooming in even closer, the contrast between the rich, black earth and the red sun was quite pronounced. I felt like I was on some distant planet or in a science fiction movie.

But within just a few hours the red sun was replaced by a crescent moon and the little lights of town twinkled below it.

Thanks for stopping by.


Country Girl said...

The perfect title for your post was the one you chose, Russell. Love your crescent moon shot, too.

Anonymous said...

Nice little sliver of a moon, Russell with the twinkle of lights below.

The Blue Ridge Gal and
Just Vignettes

willow said...

Life's kinda like fog, don't you think? Super pics.

Jo said...

I love the crescent moon. That's not an easy shot to get. It's perfect!

Small City Scenes said...

Oh fog. Sometimes it is pretty and sometimes it is just a pain. We get lots of fog out here being a dampish sort of place. But I see by night-time the fog was gone replaced by twinkling lights and a lovely sliver of a moon. MB

Marge said...

Those Hawkeyes did it to our Gophers again, didn't they! We haven't scored on Iowa in two years!

Nice moon picture! I have a hard time getting a good moon shot.

I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.

Hilary said...

Beautiful. Thanks for allowing me to spend the day. :)