Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Animal Farm

I live with animals. Or maybe they live with me. I'm not sure. I guess my role is to make sure they are fed and are taken care of and have a warm place to sleep.

Their role is to provide protection and companionship. At least I think that is the way it works.

Cody is the pony. This is how he usually looks when I step into the barn every morning.

He would be quite upset with me if I actually fixed the hole he sticks his head through. Often he greets Bailey, my dog -- or maybe it is the other way around.

Of course Cody enjoys being outside as much as possible.

Here's the cat who lives with us. Her name is Zeke. I am not sure how or why she is called this, but my daughter named her about 14 years ago. She had three siblings, but she is the sole survivor.

Zeke enjoys laying on the deck in the sun and is quite comfortable with her own company. She does not like being around other cats, so this arrangement works out good for her.

But the star of the group is, of course, Bailey. There is only one Bailey.

I suppose, if truth be told, I live with these animals - not the other way around. But I'm glad they have adopted me.

Thanks for stopping by.


Finding Pam said...

You have a lovely family of pets. I like the one of Bailey and Cody, but then I love that photo of Zeke.

I just did a gratitude post on all my dogs. They make our lives so much fun and give even more back to us.

Hilary said...

The truth is that neither you nor the critters would be quite as happy without the other.. so probably the best way to put it is that you simpy live together. What a great bunch of beauties. All wonderful creatures. You and they are very lucky to have one another. :)

Snappy Di said...

We were put here to care for the animals and vice versa. There are many days that our dogs give us great joy and laughter and they certainly enjoy being around us as well. It's a win, win relationship with aniamals.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Nicole said...

Cody is lovely and so are Bailey and Zeke. I agree with Hilary, without each other we would not be as happy. Animals make our lives better and hopefully we do the same for them.

Jo said...

Omigosh, those animals are beautiful...! You are indeed very lucky they let you live there with them. :-)

They all seem to have a gentleness about them, and that speaks volumes about you.

Karen :-) said...

Love the first picture!!

Maureen said...

Great post, love the first picture of Zeke, don't think I've seen her before. Quite a beautiful face.

Mean Mama said...

Cody has a lovely face. I loved this post. Give Baily a big hug for me.

Small City Scenes said...

I like living with the animals. Our horses and ponies stay out year round. I do have a barn but it is full of hay and now the two little goaties stay the night or when it is too rainy and windy. Nice animals you have there for companions. You all are lucky. MB

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