Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rocky Team

(Note: I know lots of people do not care for sports. I am not big on quilting or recipes because I don't understand such things! Heh! But this post is not just about a game -- it is intended to emphasize the power of positive thinking.)

Saturday afternoon Iowa played Ohio State. The experts predicted Ohio State would win by at least 17 points. Probably more. Iowa's quarterback was starting his first game. Iowa's running backs were hurt.

Nobody gave Iowa a serious chance of winning before 105,000 Ohio State fans in the horse shoe. It would be the lions versus the Christians. It would not be pretty. It would probably be over fast.

I was reminded of the original Rocky movie.

Rocky Balboa. The Italian Stallion. Fighting Apollo Creed, the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world. Rocky Balboa. The opportunity for a no-name regular guy to fight the champ. A publicity stunt. Wouldn't last 3 rounds. Would be over in the first minute if the champ took it seriously.

But something funny happened on the way to the coronation. Rocky wasn't such a push over. He wanted it more. He didn't believe the experts. He really thought he could win.

Of course, he did not win. But the fight went the distance. And when it was over the champ was yelling "no rematch! no rematch!" and people were stunned.

After the dust settled in Ohio Stadium Saturday, Ohio State had won. Of course. No surprise there. But it took an overtime to do it.

The freshman quarterback impressed everyone with his accuracy and how hard he threw the ball. He looked like Opie Taylor but played like a pro.

So the Rose Bowl is gone, but some people are predicting Iowa will go to the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona. That is a BCS bowl, too.

Or maybe the Outback Bowl or the Champs Bowl. But where ever they go, they will go with their heads held up high. And somewhere in the distance you might hear that Rocky theme music playing....

But more than football I was reminded of something much more important. If you believe in yourself and don't listen to the experts, you can do great things. Sure, that is trite. But it is true. Life is what you make it.

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Jo said...

Iowa definitely didn't shame any Iowans yesterday. And they may even have won, if it had not been for that coin toss. Whoever came up with that stupid idea? It has nothing to do with football. There has to be a better way...

Russell said...

Well, at least Iowa pushed the game into overtime. No one thought it would be that close!

Sometimes you just have to believe!

Small City Scenes said...

Good post and good for Iowa!! And all you said was/is true. Believe in yourself and magic will happen. I have a little finger ring that is inscribed with that saying.

I have the Mary Daheim, Alpine books. Well some of them. I am trying to read them in order. Probably don't have to but am trying.
I live in Snohomish county and where I live is called Snohoco and Mt. Baker is not to far up the road. Coincident--who knows. MB

Country Girl said...

It IS what you make it. Way to go, Russell.