Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Johanna!

Today is Johanna's birthday!

Most of you probably know her as Jo. Some of you know her as Josie. But today is her birthday! She grew up in a logging town on Vancouver Island. These guys made a special log for you!

The Peanuts gang wanted to stop by and say Happy Birthday!

Look! There's Alvin!

I think you know this person. Can you hear that whispery voice singing "Happy Birthday..."?

Whoa! Your favorite group just happened to be in Vancouver and will be stopping by later today for birthday cake and, well....! Better talk to some of your Kitsilano friends if you want to be a good hostess!! Heh!!

You can never have too much chocolate! They say chocolate is healthy for you. I agree!

Have fun today - it is YOUR day!

But every day is YOUR day! Happy Birthday, Johanna!


Small City Scenes said...


and many more----SPEECH!!SPEECH!!! MB

Small City Scenes said...

What happened to the Rolling Stone---unlike us, they got old. MB again!

Avril Fleur said...

Great post! Happy Birthday Jo!!

Country Girl said...

I've known her as Josie and as Jo and love your birthday tribute to her, Russell.

Jo said...

Wow...!!!! Russell...!!!! That is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Well, that and ordering me a full year's subscription to the New Yorker. *heh*

You are SO SWEET.

Now, if only the Rolling Stones really were here tonight, we go could over and see them, right? We'd have so much fun!

Thank you.


Marge said...

Sweet tribute, Russell! Wow, the Stones look bad, don't they!

And to you Jo, happy birthday! I hope you are enjoying your day! And I do hope it includes chocolate!


Cedar said...

A year's subscription to the New Yorker is awesome! And so is your Birthday Josie.