Monday, December 28, 2009

Sound of Music

Last night ABC TV showed The Sound of Music. One look at this image and you know the story. You can even hear the opening music.

Maria is a young woman on her way to becoming a nun. But she is sent out to be a governess for seven children of an Austrian captain.

Ever since Captain von Trapp's wife died, he has ruled his children with an iron fist and no emotion. He uses whistles to call them.

But Maria only knows love. She sings to the children of her favorite things when they are afraid of a thunderstorm.

After being away on a trip, Captain von Trapp returns home only to find his children have learned to sing. Suddenly his heart melts and he becomes a father again.

The Baroness, who is planning on marrying the Captain, quickly sees he is falling in love with Maria.

Maria becomes afraid that she is falling in love with the Captain and runs back to the abbey. But her Mother Superior sends her back to face her fears and find out what her feelings really are.

When Maria returns, she and the Captain tell each other how they really feel and Maria discovers how beautiful it is to be in love and how wonderful life can be.

Maria and Captain von Trapp are married in perhaps the most incredible wedding scene ever shown in a movie.

To get away from the nazis who have occupied Austria and have inscripted Captain von Trapp, the family escapes after giving a performance.

This movie is one of my favorites. This black and white image of Marie is etched in my mind. She found love and happiness by giving of herself. That is a most appealing quality.

There is a lot more to this movie than music. Perhaps that is why people can watch it over and over and never get tired of it. So many life lessons are interwoven into the story, but in the end, good prevails. And that is nice.

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F9book said...

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willow said...

I adore this movie. I just might have to pop it in for a watch, with my woolly socks this week!

Hilary said...

Ahhh a fine review of a classic.. Russell-style. :)

Jo said...

I love this movie too. It was on last night, but in my usual style, I fell asleep. I'm such a party animal.

In the top picture, she looks as if she is at Whistler Mountain. ;-)

Arley said...

Sean and I watched the movie last night as well. I actually looked online at the real von Trapp family. Completely different story. In fact, Maria wasn't as rosie as she appeared to be in the movie. She actually drove her eldest daughter to commit suicide. Kind of sad, if you think about it. Either way, I still love the movie.

Marge said...

I didn't know this movie was on last night, probably because I was packing for our trip, but I think everyone else watched it. My daughter said her 7 year old saw it for the first time and fell in love with it. And several bloggers I read mentioned that they had seen it last night. It is one of my favorites and I'm bummed I missed it.


Small City Scenes said...

I loved the movie too and watched it Sunday night. It is just a super story. MB

Carolyn said...

One of my favourite movies of all time (along with To Kill a Mockingbird, about which I think you also did a post!). I've seen this one too many times to count.

My mother once said it is a great movie because it's about love: love of music, love of God, love of children, love of country, and love between a man and a woman. I thought that was a pretty good description of this great movie :)

Cheers and happy new year!