Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tie Thoughts

A lot of things I don't notice. But one thing I do is how a man ties his tie. Most well known politicians tie a very good tie. They tie a full windsor knot.

Some famous politicians prefer to go with a half windsor knot. However, that knot is traditionally regarded as less preferred (is that polite enough?).

When you see a full windsor knot next to a half windsor, the difference is striking.

President Reagan was one of the best dressed Presidents in history.

Here he is with his Vice President, George Bush.

Johnny Carson always tied his tie in a full windsor knot.

So did his well dressed side kick, Ed McMahon.

David Letterman always wears a full windsor knotted tie.

He even looks good on a motorcycle.

Some people will tell you it depends on the shirt collar as to which knot you should tie your tie in. Don't believe them. A full windsor knot is the ONLY knot to use for a tie.

And while we're at all, don't ever put anything like a tie tack or a chain across your tie. That looks, uh, tacky.

If you are a man reading this and you don't know how to tie a full windsor knot, learn. If you are a woman and your husband or son is running around with a half windsor tie, talk to him. He won't listen but that's another story!

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Jo said...

I have always thought the Windsor knot was very masculine, and the half-Windsor was feminine. Occasionally women wear ties, which I think can look quite nice if tied with a half-Windsor knot. I sometimes wear an elongated silk scarf, tied in a half-Windsor knot.

willow said...

You know, you're the only other person I've "talked to" who has noticed Obama's tie knot! It is a bit on the skimpy side, isn't it?

I've always thought Bill Clinton had the most exquisite taste in ties.

Russell said...

A half windsor is a lot faster and easier to tie than a full windsor. And a lot of men prefer the half windsor since you usually have a longer tie since you don't use so much of it in the knot.

But if you wear a silk tie (which is the rule any more), a full windsor knot is the only one that will look good.

Most men use both knots depending on the tie and the situation. A half windsor is considered much more casual but you can tie that knot, too, to look very good.

Hilary said...

I had no idea there were two ways to tie a knot in a tie. My Dad taught me how to tie one when I was a teen and took to wearing them for a short while. Now I'm the one who stands behind men who are unlikely to wear ties often (like my sons) and tie them for them. I believe it's a full windsor by the appearance but I'm knot sure. ;)

Snappy Di said...

My dad taught me to tie a tie by having me do it every Sunday morning for him before we went to church, but I have no clue if it was a full or a half windsor.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Russell said...

When you tie a full windsor knot, you go under twice before you go over the top and down through the tie. The half windsor you go under one time and then up and over and through.

Does that make sense? Probably not...! Heh!

Essie said...

My grandfather taught me how to tie his tie...but I have forgotten. My husband NEVER wears a tie. He protests them. I never noticed the difference before. Obama likes to be more casual. I wonder if that is the reason why the 1/2 Windsor? Regan was definitely the best dressed president, and one of the more handsome. Nancy was very stylish too. Classic beauty and poise.

Small City Scenes said...

Hmmmm.....ties. I never thought much about them. I remember my Dad wore a tie but he died when I was just a kid so I don't remember what kind. My late husband only wore a tie when we got married and that was when skinny ties were the fashion.

I think If I were asked I would say the 'full windsor'--my choice.

Maybe you should send your posting to Obama. MB

Russell said...

I think the President has enough on his plate as it is! Actually a lot of people prefer the half windsor knot and I actually wear it myself with certain ties.

My preference is the full windsor knot just because I think it looks a bit better, but if you look around you will actually the vast majority of men wear a half windsor knot tie!

Take care.

Carla said...

Interesting post about something that I know nothing about. Now I will start paying more attention to men's ties.

Brenda said...

I have to agree with Carla here. Our son went to private school where the young men were expected to wear a suit and tie on occasions and I remember trying to help him with it in the beginning....but other than that I am clueless. Is there a you tube on how to do these windsors and half windsors....I will check it out.

Shaun K said...

Just got done practicing a bunch of ties and I'd say the Windsor looks bad with a skinny or non-silk one. A full Windsor wide silk tie is the classic formal style and so is choice among presidents (even Hugo Chavez et al, so I wouldn't say this is a "good" thing, just the rule). I've also seen Obama sporting both kinds.

The four-in-hand and half Windsor are easier to do and more adaptable.

I orefer small knots like the Prince Albert on narrow ties

But in modern society most people only use ties on a rare formal occasion, and in that case, you'd be right, the Windsor would take the cake.

The Hanover, though, makes a better, bigger shape and is more difficult! Do that with a really long tie and you'd turn some heads! Sometimes individuality is important you know!

Anonymous said...

Umm.. no offense but this article is full of errors. The majority of times you refer to a "half windsor" it is actually a "Four in hand", not a half windsor. Furthermore there are pictures of half windsors that you call full windsors. Most notably Obama's which you refer to as a half windsor time and time again.. it's actually a Four in Hand knot. And Bill Clinton wears four in hand knots as well as half windsors. And actually your opening comment is incorrect as well, the majority of politicians wear Four in Hand knots. And then half-windsors. A politician wearing a full windsor is a rare occasion. This is because of the well known saying that you can't trust a man that wears a full windsor. Oh yeah, Richard Nixon is one of those few that wore full windsors. LOL.