Monday, March 1, 2010

Spanky and Our Gang

Back in the late 60s one of my favorite groups was Spanky and Our Gang.

This group had a few hits in 1967 and 1968. They were easy listening. A lot like the Mamas and Papas. In fact, Spanky McFarlane would actually sing with the Mamas and the Papas after Mama Cass Elliott died.

Groups like this along with Herb Alfred and the Tijuana Brass, the Fifth Dimension and lots of others were the music we played in the high school pep band. (And a lot of these same songs are still being played in high school gymnasiums!)

Just in case someone under the age of 45 is reading this, yes, we really did dress like this back then.

And records really were made out of vinyl.

This Herb Alpert album was considered obscene by some people. I thought it was rather creative especially since the title song was Whipped Cream (i.e. a song used for the Dating Game show). It has some of the Tijuana's Brass's best cuts on it.

Take a few minutes and travel back to 1968. While the Stones and Beatles and Rod Stewart and others were making hard rock, there were a lot of groups that sounded like this.

I liked both the hard rock and the easy listening from those days. I still do.


Anonymous said...

I recall my parents listening to the Whipped Cream album many years ago, quite a bit in fact. Those are some wonderful songs.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Jo said...

I had that Whipped Cream album too -- on vinyl -- and it was one of my favorites. I loved Herb Alpert. My two favorites were "Tangerine" and "The Shadow of Your Smile" which was on a different album.

"... yes, we really did dress like this back then." The only thing missing on that fellow with the plaid pants, are a white belt and shoes -- the Full Nanaimo. :-)

Brenda said...

Plaid pants....on my gosh. Yes, I think I remember those. I had almost forgotten about Spanky and The Gang. Thanks for the reminders.

Marge said...

My husband look so cool dressed in his maroon pants and pink shirt with the white belt and shoes! I loved Herb Alpert and "A Taste of Honey" was one of my favorites!

Small City Scenes said...

I loved the music too. I really liked Rod Stewart--still do. His was the only concert I ever got to go to.

BUT.....We didn't dress like that---Still cowboy boots and cowboy shirts and jeans out here. Although in the city we did stare in wonder. No polyester please!! LOL MB

Hilary said...

I always love your trips down memory lane. I think most households had that Whipped Cream album back then. Ours was no exception.