Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flood Waters

Today I drove through the small town where I grew up. I always like to drive through the big park. There is a large creek that flows through it.

The town recently redid the old bridge that takes you into the park.

But instead of seeing the big, open park, this is what I saw.

Flood waters had spilled out and covered everything. If you look at this next photo, you can see where the creek is supposed to be. It should wind around to the left of this image. You can see the bank on the far side.

In fact, there is a road that goes between the creek and that first line of trees to the right.

Here's a nice house with a wrought iron fence. You can see how far up the water came into their lawn.

Swinging my camera a bit more to the left, this is what it looks like. The creek is usually between those two lines of trees. There is a road to the left of the creek that runs below the blacktop road above.

Here's my pickup parked along the main road. A person should be able to see the grass and trees in the park. But all you can see is water.

Mother Nature is interesting. It is best to learn to live with her and know her ways. I guess that it the way with a lot of things in life.

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Hilary said...

That's become par for the course around Frank's place the last few years. Unfortunately, the flooding also bring chunks of ice with it on occasion.. huge chunks, and it does incredible damage to the trees on either side of the creek. Great shots, here.

Jo said...

When I was a little girl, we lived across the street from the Somass River, which used to flood every year. My father made sure all of us knew how to swim -- well -- just in case. So I learned how to swim in a river with a strong current. Rivers like that can flood really quickly.

Great photographs!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a typical Iowa spring flood. My kids live in Cedar Falls and the Cedar River over-runs it's banks every year. Thanks for the photos.


Pauline said...

Everywhere the flood waters are rising. Always remind me of Johnny Cash singing - "How high's the water, Momma?" We all better head for higher ground!

Brenda said...

That is not good so early in the year. Is it? Doesn't look good to me.

Small City Scenes said...

Darn Spring flooding. We used to have winter flooding because we'd get early November snow in the mts. and then it would melt and we'd have December flooding but nowadays we have Spring flooding. Lowland of course---thank goodness we are up high. MB

Thanks for visiting my blog. I like that Sauk River pic too. I took lots of pics of the river that day. So pretty. MB

Marge said...

It looks like many Minnesota towns this week. With so much snow to melt this year, it could be bad, but it seems to be melting just at the right pace that the flooding isn't as bad as some years. That's a lot of water, isn't it!