Sunday, March 14, 2010

Movie Theatre Memories

There used to be a time when men wore suits and women wore dresses to the movies.

You could hear the sound of the projector as you watched the movie.

Popcorn did not cost very much.

And the movie theatre only had one screen.

The Jim Carrey movie The Majestic empitomized the classic movie theatre.

The poster for The Majestic in which the lead characters have a serious look seems to summarize my feelings. I love the big screen, old fashioned movie theatre. But they are becoming a thing of the past.

Yet these theatres still exist, often in small towns. With all the online movies and video on demand through cable or satellite TV along with DVDs it is a wonder any theatres can survive.

I hope these theatres can hang on a bit longer. I enjoy going to them.

Take care.


Small City Scenes said...

Yes I remember those older theaters. Seattle had quite a few. How wonderful they were. Of course one had to dress up to go there. And the Ladies rest room or should I say 'powder room'. A grand foyer at first--luxury divans and many mirrors even before you got to the actual rest room. The lushness of the whole theater--ushers with flash lights to guide you on your way.

Today it is like going into a rectangle box and listening to screaming children.

Even the curtains were thick velvet at the older theaters. Names like 5th Avenue--Orpheum--Paramount--egyptian--Memories..

Excellent post, Russell.

BTW go to my day4plus blog for some farm scenes. MB

Country Girl said...

People used to dress up when they went on a flight as well. And now to see some young people in their pajama bottoms, it is ridiculous. It's respectful when you dress properly for the occasion. And it always will be.
Loved the old movie theatres. Good to see you, my friend.

Brenda said...

I saw Gone With The Wind in a theater like you are describing, but other than that one, all the others were similar to how they are now. I will have to look into Majestic, or ask my son, the movie expert, about it.

Pauline said...

There are still theaters like you describe in one or two small towns near me. The reel movies are a thing of the past and the popcorn is dear, but the theater atmosphere remains.

I was a child in "those" days and remember dressing up every time you went out of the house except to play!

Jo said...

We still have a couple of neighborhood theatres like that here in Vancouver. I always loved the old art deco theatres. They seemed very "posh" and I felt very special when I was going to a movie. There were ushers with little flashlights, and the threatres were cleaned between every movie, so I didn't have to sit in someone else's spilled popcorn or Coke.

I must admit the newer theatres have better seats, and especially for someone -- vertically challenged -- like me, every seat is a good seat.

Barbara said...

I don't remember dressing up for the movies when I was growing up, but I do remember that 25 cents bought me a ticket, a Coke, and a bag of popcorn.

Hilary said...

Aww you're making me miss the old days, like you so often do. I love your nostalgic posts. :)