Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Small Town Art

The other day I drove through several small towns. There were some interesting sights.

In one small town there was a mural that covered the entire side of a building.
See the two women on the far right hand side? Notice the door? The woman on the left is actually painted on a door - though the door is hard to see since it is part of a gray building.

When you look closer the concrete bricks make the mural look like a mosaic. I like the yellow dress and hat with the red trim.

This dog reminded me of my own dog, Bailey.

Oh. Here's the REAL Chautauqua Building in this small town. It is surrounded by flood water but is actually in a large city park. Chautauqua referred to a town gathering usually held in a big top tent. These gatherings were popular from about 1890 to 1920 or so. Some towns actually had a special building. This is the only Chautauqua building left in Iowa.

In Sioux City I saw this office building with a more professional mural.

This is really nice.

Not surprisingly, the Sioux City Art Center is across the street. I like the building.

In front of the Art Center is this interesting dog.

Look at quotation painted on the base. I remember this from Bobby Kennedy's funeral.

Later in the day I was driving through another small town and noticed this movie theatre. I love the red marquee and the art deco building. Then I noticed the painted dog.

I think I found the brother to the dog in Sioux City!

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R. Burnett Baker said...

I came upon your blog through, gee, I'm not sure who, recently. We all seem to be connected in ways we probably don't quite realize yet!

But I've enjoyed reading your posts and will visit again! With the "urban" art and other visuals we pass but don't actually see, you remind us to open our eyes and be more aware of our surroundings.

There is beauty, interest and fun in the most obvious places!


Jo said...

Omigosh, Russell, those are wonderful. The mural at the top reminds me of "The Music Man". Do you think it was meant to portray that, since it was filmed in Iowa?

Love the Bailey dog...!

And the mosaic of the violin is just gorgeous. I had no idea!

Russell said...

I believe The Music Man is supposed to take place in 1912 - and that would be during time Chautauqua gatherings were popular.

These were not religious gatherings though there is some similarity. People would come to talk about contemporary matters and often there was some entertainment, too. These were educational events.

Chautauqua was a type of adult education and also served as a social event.

Marge said...

Neat that you found TWO painted dogs, identical in size and shape, but definitely painted uniquely! And I agree with Jo.......the first mural reminds me of The Music Man!

Are the flood waters subsiding? Our Minnesota River is far outside it's banks, but seems to be going down.

Barbara said...

Those colorful dogs remind me of the donkeys and elephants that were everywhere in DC around the year 2000. Great photos!

Hilary said...

What a fun, colourful post. I love following you around town like this. You show us the nicest things. :)

Pauline said...

what a great tour! The wall paintings are marvelous, the dogs just too cool for words. Thanks :)

Cedar said...

Wow you all have the painted Dogs and we got the painted Pigs in Seattle...maybe we can do a state trade off.

Short Poems said...

Beautiful painting :)


Small City Scenes said...

I love town painting. whether animals or walls or what.
Sedro-Woolley up and east from me has many murals and lifesized wood carvings on every corner. Just a small cowboy/logging town.

Check my blog to see what it is like in the PNW today. MB