Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boat Ride

Late one recent afternoon my brother took me for a ride in his boat.

The lake near his house is small but interesting.

This iron bridge leads into a cove.

This boat has more power than you might think!

There's a lot of cottages and even year round houses around this lake. I liked the angle of this house.

This little yellow cottage has a lot of charm.

Some people see the McMansions but I see the trees reflected in the water.

Colored Adirondack chairs - okay!

More chairs.

Fancy, fancy.

But I like this little white cottage more. Not sure why but I do.

Time to go home.

Thanks for the ride. I hope to do it again soon.


Hilary said...

I feel slightly seasick after that whirlwind tour! It makes me want to get back up to Frank's cottage with him very soon. I'm sure looking forward to that. Thanks for the tour. :)

A Lady's Life said...

Well that was a nice ride. I enjoyed it.

Marge said...

I love the Adirondack chairs sitting against the block wall. They always look so inviting. Thanks for the tour. It was a lovely time!

Brenda said...

You have captured my dream retirement. To live in a home off the lake with a boat. I found myself wondering what time of day these were taken. The reflections in the water were great.

Small City Scenes said...

Well tell your brother thanks from me too. What a nice lake although being overpowered with the grande houses. I like the little yellow cottage too. Some of the houses look awfully close to the water. Does it ever get higher? Did you go under the bridge? Ya have to ya know. MB

Jo said...

Ohhhh.... that looks wonnnnnnderful...! I love lakes exactly like that. I also love the smell of the motors on motor boats. It reminds me of my summers on Sproat Lake.

That lake looks like it would be perfect for swimming.

My favorite is the little yellow house too.

So ... where are the pictures of you and your brother?