Monday, May 31, 2010

The Gardens

Recently I visited a popular public garden near Iowa State University. As you walk in the main gate, you are greeted by several large statutes.

Several bottle trees were inside the main building.

The are quite fun. Short pieces of rebar are welded to a long rebar piece and the bottles are placed upside down on the rebar (which is used to reinforce concrete).

Here's Iowa's official flower - the wild rose.

I liked this bronze sun dial.

This whale is made out of willow. He is pretty big and even has a large tail.

These colorful small turbines are promoting wind energy.

My goodness! What do we have here??!?

This was very peaceful. I liked this.

An old gate makes a nice decoration in a flower garden.

Lots of water features are found throughout the gardens. The sound of water is very soothing.

There are thousands of daisies in one part of the gardens.

This is a creative use of a livestock water tank!

Here's a little girl catching fireflies. Don't you love the jar? In Iowa, a favorite past time is going out at dusk and catching fireflies. You put them in a glass jar and you have a lantern.

The gardens have lots and lots of flowers. But I enjoyed some of the non-flower features a lot, too.

Take care and thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Love the daisy photo. Tis the season for daisies no matter what part of the country a person lives in right now... well, except for the desert areas of Arizona and New Mexico.


Anonymous said...

I came over to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a thoughful comment. I cannot promise to always be quite so 'on the button'; my posts are quite an exlectic mix.

What a delightful garden, and so 'green' the use of colourful bottles and metal are brilliant and I loved the whale.

I shall be back again.

Hilary said...

Gotta love that gate as a decoration and I'm quite smitten with those bottle trees for some reason. It's not the sort of thing that would ordinarily appeal to me and yet they do. I'll have to think about that. Great post as always, my friend. :)

Barbara said...

I love daisies. They were the only flowers at my wedding. Thanks for the interesting tour. These are sights of ISU I've never seen!

Pauline said...

love these little tours you take us on. getting ideas for that garden you just revamped?

Maureen said...

Whales and flamingos in Iowa, who knew.

Small City Scenes said...

Public Gardens are just so great. Gives us time to wonder or even plan our gardens. Thanks for the tour. MB

A Lady's Life said...

I just love the wild roses Was just talking about them to another blogger. They are the best!!!!

Country Girl said...

Love the bottle art, Russell. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Marge said...
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Marge said...

I always smile when I see those plastic pink flamingos. When one of my granddaughters was young she'd yell "Pink mingos, grandma, pink mingos" whenever she saw them in someone's yard. Love the daisies, and the bottle trees. How cleaver!

I always enjoy your tours, Russell. Thanks for taking us along!


Marge said...
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Anonymous said...

Such a pretty place with an interesting mix of nature and art. Love the daisies and the little girl catching fireflies. But my favorite thing is the whale!