Thursday, June 3, 2010

Deja Vu

I was driving through a small town recently and thought I saw .... a phone booth.

At first I thought it was probably someone's yard ornament. A novelty from the past. But as I got closer it certainly looked real.

I stopped, got out of my car and walked over to it.

It was most definitely real. I really don't recall the last time I have seen one of these stand alone pay phone booths.

Then I spotted this tiny park.

There was a classic merry-go-round.

A jungle gym -- something you always found on every playground but never see any more. At least, not this type.

The old swing set with high metal frame.

And a once upon a time pretty fancy teeter totter. Which would would I run for? The yellow one or the white one?

Looking down this street I can almost see kids riding their bicycles as they hang on to fishing poles.

Small towns. They still have a heart. And in this little place, I felt like it was 1960 all over again.

Take care and thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Many towns have removed these playground items calling them 'unsafe'. We all get hard knocks sometimes in life as children and I say leave these fun playground items where they stand... Love this post!


Small City Scenes said...

I am so glad you found this little park---are you sure you didn't step through a time warp? I just wish there were some children playing there. Did you check and see how much to make a call? We have a couple of booths and it was 50cents the last I looked. Maybe more now.
Thanks for the nostalgic peep back in time. MB

Jo said...

This looks just like the little playground where I grew up. I suppose there were kids with the usual bruises and occasional broken bone, but no one got seriously injured.

All it needs it the little swimming pool, where I used to swim for hours, and got very, very, very (!!!) sunburned every summer. SPF? What's that? :-)

I missed your wonderful previous post about the gardens. Where was I...!?

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Anonymous said...

Neat post. That looks like a pretty little town. Certainly brings back memories for someone my age. And for me, those memories are from the 50s. And we have one of those phone booths at our Robin Hood Park. I had to use it a few months ago, when my service was out. (I've never had a cell phone.) Also: I like the fact that you are a very curious person...and you always have your camera with you. Have a good weekend, Russell!

Hilary said...

Russell, you brought us to Mayberry! ;) Fun stuff. I enjoyed the trip.

Cedar said...

I love your little finds Russell, you make Iowa a place I want to visit and I always avoided it on my treks across country. We should never judge a place by its location on a map.

Barbara said...

I sort of miss telephone booths. The playground equipment reminds me of my youth.

Teri said...

Just discovered your very enjoyable blog. Look forward to exploring it!

So... did you call someone from that payphone?

Swing sets Australia said...

What a nice park that brings me back the good memories.

The Sandeen Family said...

What town was this, if you don't mind me asking? It looks very sweet. :)

Lilac Haven said...

Nice that you got a photo of the phone booth. Neat town.

Jaime Hough said...

Where is this at?? I've been looking for all of these things to photograph! Thanks!

bigtutubi said...

OMG we need to form a preservation committee, don't let this park disappear