Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cody's Trailer

Today Bailey and I took Cody Pony over to the farrier to get his feet trimmed and to get his yearly shots.

I just had the little livestock trailer painted and put new tires on it. The paint job was supposed to match my truck and have white wheels to set off the black tires.

But after having it for a bit, I decided not to get all upset. I am sort of getting used to it and I like how understated it is (!). It looks like it has black tennis shoes on - and that is sort of popular these days.

Once we got Cody back, we decided to let him out in his pasture. Bailey was there to, uh, supervise.

A livestock trailer is an open box. I let Cody stand in the front part of the trailer and I do not tie him up. I believe he can move easier that way if he needs to shift his weight.

Bailey steps in to make sure everything is okay before we open the gate.

Gate open and time for Cody to step out. Bailey seems to be encouraging him to step down.

Cody can't wait to get into that grass.

Life is good. Feet trimmed. All yearly shots received. Time to play and eat.

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Anonymous said...

I am in need of a summer pedicure too!


a lady's life said...

Oh such a good life. Freedom fresh air, nice walks and runs flowers
You are so lucky!!!:)

Small City Scenes said...

Hooray for Cody. And thank goodness for Bailey for supervising it all.

I kinda like the Gray trailer with white hair and black tennies.

About the new gate on my blog---well--I enclosed the area around the barn for the goats and the gate I got just had the bars and the goats could get out so I bought a section of livestock/cattle panel and wired it to the gate. Actually I used zip ties to fasten it to the gate and I think it looks darn good. Thank you very much. Farm girl power!!!! LOL Mb

Jo said...

I actually like how the trailer looks. It looks very clean. I don't think the tires look bad at all. I rather like them.

Cody and Bailey look like they're great friends.

Your place is lovely.

Hilary said...

Another fun snippet of a day in the life of Russell and Friends. Gotta love Cody and Bailey.. two beauties.

Anonymous said...

I'm always impressed with how pretty everything is at your place. You must work very hard to keep things so clean and neat. And you take good care of your animals. Cody is obviously in excellent condition. Of course, it's also obvious that handsome Bailey is the boss! :-)

L. D. Burgus said...

It is a beautiful horse. I like your color thing. We frame pictures and people tell us to put a blue mat on it and walk away. I know that the number of blues out there that are so different that I can't just put on a blue. The trailer looks good even though the grays are different value.

Barbara said...

I didn't realize you had a horse. It looks like Cody and Bailey are good friends.