Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Johanna!

Today - December 27 - is Johanna's birthday.

I always like to find various images on Google to post on her birthday. A blast from the past is always fun. And, yes, I remember when records cost less than a dollar. The 45s were often under 50 cents.

These loggers are a tradion every year.

I don't need to tell you about these flags. The Vancouver flag, the Canadian flag and the flag of British Columbia. They are, of course, flying high in your honor today.

Um, this is NOT me. But, yes, you DO have your, uh ... admirers! Talk about special delivery... oh well. What? You just happen to have a hat pin??! Johanna!

Wine and dark chocolate. Now THAT sounds like a balanced meal to me.

Cup cakes are fun.

Now this fellow is having a very, very good time. I think. Reminds me of a few office parties but let's not get into that.

Candles are a must.

Here's a special person wishing you a happy birthday today.

Get out today and laugh, eat, enjoy and have fun. This is YOUR day. We had a small celebration two days ago but today will be REALLY special!

Happy Birthday, Johanna!


Small City Scenes said...

Happy Birthday, Johanna!!

I bet she had that hatpin right handy. LOL


Country Girl said...

I'm waiting for the hat pin, too! Happy Birthday to Jo.

Jo said...

That's WONDERFUL, Russell...!!


A Lady's Life said...

and many more!!! :)