Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Today I was in Walgreens buying generic ibuprohen and I saw a package of chocolate I have always liked -- but never buy because I think it is too expensive. But today, for some unknown reason, I bought the chocolate (and the ibuprohen, too).

That got me thinking. There are a lot of things I like but rarely buy. I love the New York Times but rarely get it. Still, I like reading a REAL newspaper. As in spreading it out on the kitchen table or reading it in my office. I don't like reading papers on a computer monitor.

As a child I always loved buying comic books. They really were only 12 cents in those days. Today I own one Jetsons comic book which I have displayed on a shelf. I might go on eBay and buy another one - or three.

Every spring I buy a couple of magazines that deal with the upcoming baseball season. And every fall I buy a few magazines that give a preview of college football.

The next time I am in a grocery store or a convenience store, I just might splurge and buy one of these.

You only live once. If you do things in moderation, it is nice to make life a bit more fun with ... something fun.

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A Brit in Tennessee said...

Yes, splurge, especially the chocolate :)
~ Jo

A Lady's Life said...

Oh Yes!!! Great minds think alike lol
And if by chance you get to see Charlie, even better. lol

Jo said...

I had a Hershey's Special Dark yesterday. Chocolate was invented by God and sent to us by the angels. :-)

Blue Ridge Mountains said...

I had some See's chocolate from California as a reward for weight loss a W.W. U t doesn't get any better than that.

Charlene said...

I like Lindt chocolate too, though I cannot have it for heatlh reasons.

After years of wanting the NYTimes, this past fall I stopped renewing 2 local newspapers, 5 magazines, and gave up 1 premium cable channel and subscribed to home delivery for the Times. I love reading it every morning. It does take time and if I weren't semi-retired, I'd not pay for it.

Splurge. There is not reason to not spend money on things you really enjoy, if you can.

Small City Scenes said...

MNoderation is the key!! So some wise one said--more than once.
I think as one moves along in life one is entitled to a few splurges.
I just love to drive and so I have to buy gas at an inflated price to go one a little roadtrip. But I enjoy myself. MB