Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vote for the Steam Train!

Right now the Union Pacific Railroad is having a contest to determine where a steam train will run this summer. They will pick the route based on a vote.

I am hoping they will choose the route that goes through Iowa. It is called the Tuscola Turn and starts in Boone, Iowa, and goes to Illinois.

The Tuscola Turn (Iowa / Illinois) Route was leading the voting but the Little Rock Express has taken the lead today (Thursday). The voting goes through next Monday, January 17.

Would you please take a moment and vote for the Tuscola Route? I think any and every vote will help. If you know of any one who could get the word out, I would appreciate it a lot.

Maybe you might know people who are on Facebook or have a mailing list through their work. Go to the Union Pacific Excursion website and you can vote! If the link is not working, here is the URL:

The first time you vote it takes a bit of time as you have to submit your email address, etc. but any time you vote after the first time it is just a click of the mouse.


Thank you if you can help!


L. D. Burgus said...

I will check it out. I heard about earlier but didn't know we could vote the travel route.

Cloudia said...

oh WOW!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



A Lady's Life said...

I love trains and wish they would use them more for travel since airplanes have become a pain in the ass. My horoscope always said to keep my feet on the ground. lol
Thats saying a lot.

Jo said...

I voted. Once the other day, twice today, and I will vote twice tomorrow. :-)

Marge said...

I voted and will go back and do so again. I love trains and wish I could get from here to Alaska on a train. I don't like to fly!

Small City Scenes said...

I would love to ride on a old time train. Well I would love to ride any train. Last year Stanwood built a pick up platform for the Amtrak to stop for passengers--I have yet to ustilize it but I will. Now only if it were steam--yea!!

I have been away but got back last Tuesday.
I scrolled through your previous post and I am with you on the TV etc. post.
I love books and read quite a bit and even love doing jigsaw puzzles. MB

Ruth D~ said...

How exciting. I vote for them to steam all the way to Massachusetts. :>)

slavkosnip said...

I verry love the old trains:)I go last time in August 2010 in Warsaw in Polen:)