Sunday, January 22, 2012

Des Moines Cold Continued

I took some pictures of downtown Des Moines a few days ago and posted them on my blog. Here are a few more. The temperature was in the single digits (I think it was 6 degrees F -- the would be about -15 C) but the windchill made it feel like it was 20 or 30 below.

There are stark contrasts of the old and the new in downtown Des Moines. I suppose that is common to most downtown areas.

Now THAT is creative advertising!

The old courthouse is located in downtown Des Moines.

Of course where there is a courthouse, you will see businesses like this. You have your choice of several in this part of town.

Here's the building with the bail bonds business. It is an old hotel. Notice the American flag at the top. I liked the fire escape stairs.

During the Iowa caucuses, MSNBC did much of its broadcasting from a coffee house called Java Joes. It is located within a block of the courthouse.

Here's the entrance to Java Joes.

Right above the entrance in a second floor window you see this painting. I found it rather whimsical.

This is a restaurant that serves authentic English meals and drinks. It is located next to Java Joes.

Seeing the Union Jack makes you feel like you are in England.

More people are beginning to live in downtown. There are some extremely expensive condominiums and lofts. I liked the railings next to these apartments.

I thought these bicycles were interesting. It would be hard to ride one on such a cold day.

I could not wait to get back in my car and turn on the heater.

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Small City Scenes said...

Great pictures of a part of the country I have never see and cold I may never feel. Well it is that cold in Eastern
washington but not here on the west side. Brrrr! I would be turning up the heater for sure too. Stay warm. MB

L. D. Burgus said...

It is an interesting old downtown. I miss some of the buildings and some I am glad they have removed. I remember clearly riding the small elevator in the Montgomery Ward or Sears store.

A Lady's Life said...

This was interesting. I remember our St Catherines street and they sure have changed that street. It would have been nice to be able to preserve some old things though.

Hilary said...

Some beautiful old buildings in Des Moines. I'd love to have a wander.. in warmer weather, of course. Thanks for sharing your city. :)