Saturday, January 28, 2012

Extreme Things

The other night I was flipping through TV channels. I stumbled across something called X Games. I think that means Extreme.

I saw people riding snowmobiles. Sort of.

These machines weigh over 500 lbs. Just for the record that's heavy. Especially when you drive one up a steep ramp and do a backwards flip with it.

The idea of flying through the air with (on?) one of these is mind boggling. Talk about an adrenaline (testosterone?) rush. I found the whole business fascinating - as long as I was watching and not doing it.

It reminded me a bit of snowboarding. Another sport I have never done but always found fascinating.

Again, from a distance. If you are my age just watching something like this will cause you to feel pain the next morning.

For some reason I have always been fascinated by monster trucks. I have no idea why but they seem so .... extreme.

Wouldn't it be fun to drive to work in one of these?

Here in the Midwest tractor pulls are popular. They used to always involve just regular tractors that guys used on the farm and brought to town.

Of course today things have gotten a bit more ... extreme.

Or even more .... extremely ... extreme.

Now if I can just find my remote control - sometimes an extreme feat in and of itself - I can sit here and watch people doing extreme things in my extremely less than extreme life!

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Marge said...

I was flipping channels at that exact time, and watched the snowmobile's flipping and turning in the air, and I thought back to the day when we rode them through the forests of the UP of Michigan. Our goal was to NOT go off a ramp or cliff and flip the machine! I turned it off after just a few minutes. Too scary for me!

Besides, we don't have enough snow to ride. We get an inch at a time and then every few days it reaches 35 or 40 degrees and melts. And no, I am not complaining!

Have a good weekend.

Gattina said...

I hope they have a nice place in a graveyard, lol ! I prefer to read a book !

A Lady's Life said...

I am impressed with r u smarter than a 5th grader lol

kiddin aside these people sure are risk takers

Hilary said...

When a TV show has the word "Extreme" in it, that's usually my cue to surf on over to another channel. These folks who flirt with death and "extreme" injury scare me!

Small City Scenes said...

EXTREME is the word all right!! I always liked the tractor pulls at the fair but as you say things have gotten very extreme. I can only imagine what happens when practicing for the giant flips on the snowmobiles etc.
Barn charm is here today. MB