Monday, February 20, 2012

Florida Trip

This past week I took a work related trip to Florida. It had been many years since I had flown and it was ... an experience. Not bad. Not good. Just different. The first thing I noticed was that every seat was filled and the planes were smaller.

Since I flew out of Des Moines, Iowa, I rode on regional jets. Each plane I was on held 50 people and had 2 seats on each side of the aisle. Still, looking out the window is still something I find fascinating.

When you land you can always get great views of the city and the surrounding area.

I saw this plane in Jacksonville, Florida, as I looked out the window. I have always liked the Boston Red Sox baseball team and thought this was fun to see.

Seeing flowers blooming and growing was refreshing.

And the grass was green. Flowers and grass are not something we see here in the Midwest in February.

But, of course, the main attractive for someone from the Midwest is the ocean.

The power of the ocean is both terrifying and thrilling. I love the sound of the waves as they roll in.

I spent a lot of time walking along the beach searching for shells and other interesting things.

This little bird kept me company a lot of the time.

I could see condominums a ways off and wondered what it would be like to live next to the ocean on a full time basis.

Standing on the wood walkway that takes you over the protected sand dunes I saw the same family walking along the beach looking for shells.

I am sure they had a nice time. I know I did.

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Marge said...

Thanks for sharing your trip to Florida! The beaches look so different from the white of the gulf beaches that I was walking on a week ago! We have spent a little time in Jacksonville, and from there went down to St. Augustine, probably my favorite spot in Florida.

Glad you had a nice time! It's good to get away once in awhile, isn't it?

Leslie: said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip, particularly the ocean. Are you still heading northwest soon?

Jo said...

Oh my goodness, that looks SO beautiful...! It is strange for me to see the Atlantic Ocean. I found it interesting that you watched the sun rise over the ocean. We would never see the sun rise over the Pacific. It only sets there. :-)

Small City Scenes said...

It is always good to get away every once in awhile. And to go somewhere entirely different. Good for you!! I do like the ocean but am like Jo in that the ocean there is in the wrong place. The sun has to set into the ocean. haha My friend went to the east coast and felt completely backwards because as she said 'the ocean is in the wrong place'. Too funny. MB

A Lady's Life said...

Oh thats the best life to wake up to the smell of salty air. I love it.

Hilary said...

I'm glad you got to do some traveling. Nice to get away to a sunny spot. I hope you had a lovely traveling companion join you.