Friday, February 24, 2012

Putting on the Ritz

Recently I spent a few days at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Amelia Island, Florida. I was the guest of a publishing company and participated in a seminar.

I have never seen a hotel quite like this one.

Though I had a basic room, I learned that the Ritz Carlton's version of basic is relative. I had a love seat, writing desk, several chairs. a large screen TV and a king sized bed in my ... basic room.

When I looked in the shower I noticed they had set out some shampoo, conditioner and gel for me.

The soap dish was silver and was sitting between two full sized sinks surrounded by marble.

What amazed me more than anything else were all the original oil paintings and antiques in the public areas of the hotel. I learned that this hotel spent $2.6 million (yes ... million) for art when it was built.

Here is the lobby lounge.

The large painting you see is, of course, an original oil. Here is a closer view of that same work.

As I turned around I could see a large room with a fire place and several chairs, tables and sofas. I noticed this large painting.

Beneath this painting were fresh flowers. I learned that the flowers are changed every day.

This glass bird was for sale in the gift shop along with many other such items.

Here is an original oil of a young woman. The photograph does not do this work justice but you get the idea.

You see a lot of paintings of the sea, boats and other such nautical themes throughout the hotel.

Just walking down the halls is an experience.

Still, the best part was sitting on the balcony and watching the sun come up. Seems like Mother Nature is still the best artist of them all.

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Marge said...

A balcony, the ocean, and a sunrise. Life doesn't get any better than that!

A Lady's Life said...

Amazing Nice to be in a beautiful place with a good view and nice art work. Even the palm trees make you feel good. :)

Momcat said...

Gorgeous! gorgeous! Such cultured surroundings and nature besides! Im envious!

Jo said...

Wow! Just wow!

Hilary said...

Such class! :) I'm glad you enjoyed.