Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Day With No Name

Yesterday was Black Friday. Of course Black Friday actually started on Thursday at many places.  What used to be known as Thanksgiving has turned into a frenzy for retailing.  The top story on the TV news is the size of the newspaper with all the ads.

The idea of waiting in line for hours in the cold and then fighting a crowd to buy a 40 inch TV for half price is not something that appeals to me. Call me crazy but my TV actually works fine and I have a feeling there will still be some very good bargains in the not too distant future.

Today is Small Business Saturday. I like this promotion more than the Black Friday one. Then again, I perfer small businesses over the big box stores.

Monday is Cyber Monday. All those Americans who go back to work after the long Thanksgiving holiday can sit at their computer and order things online.

So .... what about Sunday? Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. Why is Sunday imune from some marketing tagline? Or maybe I am just not aware of it.

Assuming Sunday is still open - though I am sure it will not be for long - what could it be?  Syber Sunday? A convenient misspelling that still sounds like an "s"? And if we already have Cyber Monday, why not double down (such a popular expression now) and go with Syber Sunday. 

Sucker Sunday? Uh ... probably bordering on vulgar and certainly too much of a negative connotation.

Spend, Spend, Spend Sunday? Needs work but certainly focusing on the right idea. After all, Christmas and Thanksgiving is all about spending, right?

Wait .... that's it. Shopping Sunday. That works. Let's go with it. And it encompasses both retail and online shopping. Small business can be included, too.

Shopping Sunday. We could even use that icon from the Sunday morning TV show.

Used to be a time when Christmas was celebrated in December and people started decorating a couple of weeks before the big day. And our idea of shopping and dreaming and hoping was found in the pages of the Sears catalog.

Of course that was a time when getting a toy or present was special.

Hey .... how about Special Sunday?  Maybe Special Sunday could be a time when people did NOT go to retail stores or sit on a computer ordering merchandise.  Maybe Special Sunday could be a time when people actually got together and just enjoyed .... being together.

What a concept!  Too bad we don't have a holiday where people could actually do that.


Marge said...

Well, Russell, I am having Special Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I refuse to go to the stores. I am having about 2/3 of our huge clan here today, and we are going to enjoy each other, and not in front of a 54 inch TV!

Hoping your holidays are filled with those you love.


A Lady's Life said...

The thing is people used to buy quality goods before so they did't need much so when a holiday came they'd buy something special for someone.
Today people shop every day and the dumps are full of all this junk because no sooner do they bring it home, it breaks and needs to be thrown away.Yesterday business was something to be proud of today.......things people call business is nothing but a scam.
So I agree.Shop from local people. People who you know, your neighbor, church bazaars, flea markets, craft expositions.
This is good business.

Leslie: said...

Black Friday - the day you get to spend spend spend on things you want the day after you've given thanks for what you already have!

A Lady's Life said...

Leslie Thats so true. lol

Hilary said...

I'm glad it's just plain Thursday through Monday up here, north of the border.