Sunday, December 9, 2012

Archie Comics

Recently I was in a store and, on impulse, purchased the new Archie double digest comic book.

The artist who did this cover was Dan DeCarlo.  Mr. DeCarlo died over 10 years ago but his work is still used by the publisher.  I think that is interesting especially since the current artists and creators are very good, too.

I have always liked the Archie comic strip.  Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead and others seemed like friends.

Archie has been a long running comic in newspapers.  Bob Montana created the figures in the 1940s and did the strip until he died in 1975. Then Dan DeCarlo took it over.  The Archie comics are based on the Andy Hardy movies that starred Mickey Rooney.  (There were 17 Andy Hardy movies -- and you thought Harry Potter had a lot of movies!)

Jughead has always been a likable sidekick.  The below comic strip is typical of the Archie comic.

I have always liked the comics.  Usually the first thing I read in any newspaper are the comics.  And I have always liked comic books.  In particular I find the artwork very good.

Recently I added the Archie app to my iPod touch.  You can download many comics for free or buy new ones.

Most of all Archie and the gang are just fun. I enjoyed them as a child and I still enjoy reading them.   I had wondered if comic books would survive in this new age of digital everything, and I am glad to see they are adapting quite nicely to this age of reading on various e-readers and iPod devices and smart phones and tablets and so forth.

And for young people, I think comic books beat TV any day since I don't think people read enough today.  Then again, as a much older person, I opt for comic books over TV, too - at least much of the time.

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Leslie: said...

OMG! I still look at the Archie comics and sometimes buy them for my daughters for a Xmas present! They're both in their 30s now, too. You've taken me back to when I was a kid and the parents took us camping - our big treat was the Archie Digest Comics that we'd read sitting in the shade before dipping our toes in the lake to cool off.

Marge said...

A treat for us as kids was being allowed to purchase a comic book. I usually bought Archie, as I was way above Lulu and Tubby! Fun memories!

Thanks for your comment on my latest post. We are enjoying our short trip to Branson. Today we saw a great show, A Tribute to Marty Robbins. I could sing along with every song! I took pictures on my phone and am trying to get them to my computer so I can do a blog post about it.

Alicia said...

Richie Rich was always my favorite, but Archie was a close 2nd. I never thought there was an app out there for comics, definitely going to check that out. Nice post!

Cloudia said...

thanks for this fun taste of childhood...

Wishing YOU
an Aloha-filled week, from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

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Jo said...

I once went to school with a fellow who looked just like Jughead. He always made everyone laugh. The Archie comics and Little Lulu were my favorite comics.

I don't know if this comment will post. Gmail seems to be down right now, :-(

A Lady's Life said...

I always loved the Archie comic books.
Maybe I will try reading them again. :)

Jane of The Jewels said...

Hi Russell,I really appreciated your visit and comments this morning.

Comic books have weathered the new digital age surprisingly well. Even the guys on the Big Bang Theory (two physicists, an aerospace engineer and an astrophysicist, if you're not familiar with the show :) spend their free time at the local comic book store! Last I knew, our son was still purchasing the Archie Digests - and he's well into his 20's. It's a great art form, so it's nice to see hat it continues to thrive.

Hilary said...

Oh I loved Archie comics when I was young but I can't say I've bought one in a very long time. Even as a child, I was incredibly lucky that my dad owned a variety store. I could sit there and read through all my favourites.. and there were many. Thanks for the memories. You're very good at evoking those. :)

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