Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Day

The blizzard has moved on.  It left behind over a foot of snow.  Yesterday I moved a lot of snow off my sidewalk and driveway.

This morning the sun has come out.  My street looks like this

My plastic Santa Claus now has snow to enjoy.  He probably feels more at home.

I will need to clean off the bird bath.  Though it will be a while before there can be water in it again.  

From a distance the trees look very pretty covered in snow.

But when you get close to them you can see the heavy snow is hard on them.

The little red bird feeder stands out against the snow.  It is too cold now to stand around and try to get a picture of the red cardinal on the snow covered branch.  I will try that later - but first it needs to get just a bit warmer.

No need to clean off my deck.  I rather like it this way.

Tomorrow I will need to get in my car and go do things again.  But for today I will enjoy the snow and the quiet it brings.


Leslie: said...

Stay warm, Russell. Looks pretty but very cold.

Marge said...

Very pretty, Russell. Love a good snow storm followed by bright sun. Everything looks so clean! We get two inches here and there, and it mostly melts in between snows. Hope we get at least one good one this year!

Merry Christmas to you, Russell!

Jo said...

Omigoodness, Russell, that looks beautiful...! I want to get out my sled and go sledding down the street.

Rose said...

I love how clean snow makes everything look! At least for a while anyway.

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